A Super Pink Makeup Tutorial for a Photoshoot at Most Instagrammable Pink Wall in Hollywood!

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As a blogger, I constantly have to brainstorm fresh ideas and content for my website. It's a detailed process but its also fun and exciting at the same time! Obviously we love the color pink here at Nylon Pink and I was attracted to Tone's® Petal Soft Body Wash. It has a super delicious floral scent and I was inspired by the flirty feeling that the fragrance gave me to create another pink look for the website and the 'gram.

#HowITone: It was so hard for me to choose from Tone's rainbow of body washes and narrow down my favorites! They have seven super fun and girly scents and colors to choose from. My very favorite is Tone's Petal Soft which makes me feel so feminine, and I also love the Blissful Awakening scent to make me feel energized and give me that caffeine kick (yes it actually has caffeine in it)!

The Petal Soft scent reminds me of when I first moved into my new house! I had a big housewarming party for all of my friends and cooked a huge, delicious meal. Afterwards I was soooooo exhausted. My new bathroom has a gorgeous bathtub and I christened it by treating myself to a hot, pink bubble bath. It was the perfect treat after an exhausting but heartwarming day shared with my family and friends.

​The Best Instagrammable pink wall in Los Angeles

This wall, right smack in the middle of famously trendy Melrose Blvd is an iconic pink wall that you might have already seen featured on the feeds of many Instagrammers! I recommend stopping by if you want to get an epic photo. The address of this wall is 8221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046. 

Prepping for the photo shoot

I picked up the body washes at the Walmart in Burbank. When you enter the store, turn left and you'll hit the Health and Beauty section all the way at the end. Here's where you can find the body wash. ​

If you prefer to buy Tone's body wash online, use Ibotta! You can earn $2  when you buy 2 Tone Body Washes from Ibotta.

Photoshoot makeup tutorial

Here's a little tutorial on how I went about putting together my look for the final shot!

Tone's® Petal Soft Body Wash inspires me to feel super girly and romantic so a pink backdrop is perfect! ​Since I'm shooting in front of a pink background, I chose to wear a white dress so that the pink background would really stand out. 

My makeup and nails will be inspired by the pink bottle!

1. Eyeshadow​

First I put on a primer and cushion foundation, then I applied eyeliner to my upper and lower eyelids and framed them with some brown shadow. I skipped my brows because they are microbladed and need no more work! I chose a shimmery pink color for my lids. ​

2. Blush

Oops suddenly I have gorgeous eyelashes! I popped them on right after I put my eyeshadow on.

Everyone's into contouring at the moment but I love a traditional blush to the cheeks. I chose a matching light pink blush color and use it to highlight my cheekbones.​

3. Lipliner

That sexy Kylie Jenner pout is in style at the moment. I like to over line my upper lip to give myself a super full lips with a nude liner before I apply lipstick or gloss.

4. Lip Gloss

I finish it all off with a glossy, light pink lip gloss. If I were going to work, I would choose more of a matte color but since I'm going to a photo shoot I want my lips to pop in the photo!​

5. Nail Polish​

Lastly I top it all off with a matching nail polish! ​

The Finished Look!

Did you enjoy the tutorial? Remember that Tone has 7 body washes to choose from, all super fun and flirty. If you prefer to buy Tone's body wash online, use Ibotta! You can earn $2  when you buy 2 Tone Body Washes from Ibotta.

Have you shot in front of this pink wall? Do you love Tone Body Wash? Share your photos and thoughts with me in the comments below!


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