The Most Sweetest Week Ever: Dessert Week at Villa del Palmar

by nylonpink

Dessert lovers get ready to salivate at all the photos of the luscious desserts served at The Celebrity Pastry Chef week that took place June 4th to June 9th at The Villa del Palmar in Loreto, Mexico. The week long celebration of all things dessert was hosted by the gorgeous and vivacious host of  Cupcake Wars, Jonathan Bennett. 

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Chefs Devin Alexander from "The Biggest Loser" and Johnny Iuzzini from "Top Chef: Just Desserts" were also at the resort giving live pool-side pastry demonstrations and showcases their desserts at the resort's on-site restaurants. 

Photographer: Eddie Hernandez

If you are a fan of Jonathan Bennett, Devin Alexander or Johnny Iuzzini, all three foodie stars were easily accessible, hanging out at the resort. It was refreshing because they all incredibly friendly and accommodating to anyone who wanted to speak to them. Bennett and Iuzzini were lucky that they didn't get mobbed by their female fans, while doing some quick Google searches for this article I discovered that some of the top searches for these gentleman included "Johnny Iuzzini shirtless", "Johnny Iuzzini wife" or "Jonathan Bennett Wife"

Danzante Dinner featuring desserts from Johnny Iuzzini

Johnny Iuzzini featured two delicious pastries for a delicious five-course dinner at Danzante Restaurant. Although most of the restaurants on site are casual, Danzante is the one fine dining restaurant on-site that you need to dress up for.


First Course: Seared tuna with amaranth and apple, crusted with sweet soy sauce

Second Course: Quinoa Salad/jicama, grilled bell peppers, with grapefruit vinaigrette

Third Course: Lobster cream soup, made with a fresh lobster from Baja, white mushroom scented with anise liquor

Fourth Course: Lamb and Shrimp/ delicious fusion of lamb chop in mint and pepper sauce, with white win chefs recipe of shrimp, orange smashed potatoes and asparagus wrapped in bacon

Fifth Course: Almond - amaretto Semifredo with candied almonds and Flourless chocolate meringue cake and vanilla ice cream

Photo by: Zayra Olivares

The dinner was delicious and of course Iuzzini's desserts stood out. I usually find chocolate cake and ice cream tasty, but kind of generic. I loved that he paired the cake with copious amounts of strawberries and I especially loved his addition of mint. Also, I couldn't tell that the chocolate cake was flourless at all!

I ate two full desserts at the dinner, I loved his Almond Amaretto semi freddo even more than the chocolate cake. The tangy whole cherries paired deliciously with the crunchy almond flakes on top. 

Photo by: Zayra Olivares

Photo by: Zayra Olivares

Another highlight of the week was the afternoon tea before the Market Restaurant buffet featuring 18 different chocolate desserts from both of the pastry chef celebrities. It was pretty epic to say the least.

Photo by: Zayra Olivares

Photo by: Zayra Olivares

Photo by: Zayra Olivares

Photo by: Zayra Olivares

My stay at Villa Del Palmar was complimentary as were all the activities I participated in, all opinions are my own.

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