The 10 Best LED Light Therapy Masks

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Best LED Light Therapy Mask

Want to improve your skin in every way?

Hollywood discovered the amazing wonders of LED light therapy years ago. Celebrities have been getting high priced treatments in dermatologists’ offices for years to keep their glamorous looks. Now everyone can afford an LED light therapy mask that they can use at home with the same extraordinary results – or close to it!

If you, your mate, and or your pets have no problem with you looking like Jason Vorhees at night (From Friday the 13th, cult classic horror film from the 80’s), you may be ready to try an LED light therapy mask. Just be careful when you get up to pee in the middle of the night – you might give someone a heart attack!

There are very good reasons why people don’t mind sleeping with a Vorhees type mask on their faces as long as it is an LED light therapy mask. It’s the LED that makes it keen – and it’s scientific! NASA used it for goodness sakes – albeit for very different reasons.

NASA experimented with LED lights to figure out ways to grow plants for deep space travel. What’s recently been discovered is that those same light properties have an incredibly healing effect on human skin, curing everything from wrinkles to severe cases of acne. Here’s how it works:

LED light therapy masks use certain colors of the light spectrum (minus ultraviolet light) to “increase facial blood circulation and promote collagen production, skin healing and acne reduction.” Inside of the mask are tiny little LED lights that glow in usually 3 different spectral LED wavelengths – red, blue, and sometimes white or pink.

  • - Red LED Lights stimulate collagen and elastin production while promoting healing – great for skin rejuvenation, firming, and brightening.
  • - Blue LED Lights are bacteria killing – excellent for sufferers of acne and for people who have facial skin blemishes and scars.
  • - White LED Lights are usually reserved for clinical use because they go deeper than all other spectral LED lights – used to tighten facial skin and reduce swelling, magnificent for facial lines and wrinkle reduction.

For dull lifeless, sagging, wrinkled skin, LED light therapy is designed to rejuvenate your face. Blue wavelengths kill 80% of bacteria which helps get rid of acne and prevent it from coming back. It’s even better than antibiotics for acne!

When shopping for the best LED light therapy mask the intensity of the light beam is the most important thing – the stronger the light the better the results. And it takes time and repeated treatments to see results, even if you go to a dermatologist’s office where the LED lights are much stronger.

The big difference is that a treatment like this for only 20 minutes will cost you a few hundred bucks at a clinic. If you owned a really good or even better, the best LED light therapy mask, you could save yourself thousands of dollars a year to have that Hollywood glow! Here, we show you the 10 best LED light therapy masks on the market:

The 10 Best LED Light Therapy Masks

Top of our list is the PDT LED Photon Treatment Machine from YANUO. Unlike all of the other light therapy masks on our list (and most home LED light therapy treatments), this one his touch-free! If strapping a mask to your face freaks you out, but you want the benefits of LED light therapy treatment, this one is for you!

You just lie down with it arched over your face – wearing the goggles that come included – and enjoy top of the line skin rejuvenation. There are four different LED light wavelengths. The red LED lights penetrate the deepest at a wavelength of 640 nanometers and the blue wavelengths are 423 nm.

Green LED light reduces grease formation and improves the function of skin glands at 532 nm wavelengths. And the yellow light is the next highest strength at 583 nm and is used for skin cell oxygenation to smooth out skin texture and pigment.

You may not need all 7 colors but it doesn’t hurt. You’ll see that many of the top LED light therapy masks come in more than 3 colors and 7 is the highest. We really dig the Pro 7 Color LED Face Mask from Dermasmoothe.

Whatever facial ill ails you this baby has a cure for it. Based on famous Korean skin care facial treatments, the Pro LED Mask is collagen producing, wrinkle reducing, anti-aging and blemish removing! A half an hour a day is all you need to see real results!

There are 150 penetrating LED lights lining the interior of the mask producing red, blue, yellow, green, purple (relaxation), light blue (allergy relief), and white LED light to speed up tissue repair. With this mask, you can switch between colors using a remote control plus it has a built in timer!

One of the things we love about the 3D Phototherapy LED Face Mask from JILK-SJDF is its fast results. It may not seem like much but if you use this mask only 20 minutes a day; you will start to see results as soon as three weeks later. Remember, LED light therapy takes time to work and can take a couple of months to see extraordinary results.

You get 7 different LED light colors: Red, blue, green, yellow, purple, light blue, and white. Each color beams your skin at different strengths to produce improved skin texture, color, elasticity, and overall facial skin health.

This mask will make you look more like a Storm Trooper from Star Wars than Jason Vorhees. That’s because it comes with a unique attachment – a neck guard with LED lights! The WANG Photon Therapy LED Mask from JILK-SJDF offers 7 different LED colors for “photodynamic” anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments!

Tighten up that turkey waddle and even out that oily skin with this professional facial skin treatment system. You get standard blue and red LED light therapy as well as yellow, green, purple, light blue, and white for total facial healing.

Okay so JILK-SJDF makes some of the best LED light therapy masks, like the Wang LED Photon Therapy Massager Vibration Skin Care Mask. You get all of the benefits of total facial healing with Wang’s 7 color LED system: Red, blue, green, yellow, purple, light blue and white LED lights.

Additionally, you get a mask that massages your face as it heals. We didn’t find any other mask on the market like this. It’s perfect for when you just want to relax with a soothing light blue LED light therapy treatment or a purple one. See results in less than a month!

Once again, we find JILK-SJDF killing the game with another take on their superb LED light therapy mask. The Wang Photon Therapy 7 in 1 Beauty LED Mask takes at home LED light therapy to the next level! It uses pure light waves for the most effective results.

You can set each color to rotate at different time intervals between five minutes and an hour. You get 7 different colors – but there are a few surprises! You get red and blue, green, yellow, and purple but you also get “laser”, and 5 different intensities of the blue light – we didn’t find that with any other mask!

We call the Rejuven Photon LED Therapy Mask from Lift Care the fountain of youth mask because it is all about anti-aging. While it includes LED lights in 7 different colors (Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Soft Blue, and White), this mask is aimed at reversing the signs of aging.

It comes with a bottle of Argan Oil which is known for its skin rejuvenating properties. When you apply it before you put on the mask, your skin will noticeably glow. All you need is 10 minutes a day for a month to see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and a more youthful face – guaranteed!

JILK-SJDF created another mask called the Wang 7 Color LED Light Therapy Facial Treatment Mask. This one is all about making your pores healthier by removing bacteria and shrinking the pores on your face so that even severe acne and blemishes go away for good!

This mask works to reduce pores while plumping up collagen in the skin. Its antibacterial qualities are enhanced using the powerful blue LED light mode. On top of that, there are 6 other colors to brighten your skin, smooth it out, and reduce wrinkles, including light blue, purple, and white.

The LED Light Face and Neck Mask from MissAmmy gets right to the point. There are just three different colors available for specific goals. Using no heat LED lights, this mask focuses on skin repair, acne removal and prevention, and blemish removal.

You get red, blue, and purple LED lights with this system. The red lights shoot out 630 nm wavelengths for wrinkle removal and collagen production. The blue LEDs shoot out rays at 415nm to kill bacteria that causes acne. And the purple light combines both the red and blue bands to power away blemishes and dark spots created by acne.

Best LED Light Therapy Mask Accessories

Before you go, we found some accessories to go with your mask that will help make it more effective. Whether you add one or all three of these products to your cart, it is going to help make your mask work better!

You’re traveling with your mask and you run out of power and forgot your charger! Never have that happen again – ever – with the Light Therapy Acne Mask Activator from LiiHot. This bad boy runs on lithium power, AA batteries, or you can hook it up to your pc with the USB cable and never run out of power!

You’re traveling with your mask and you run out of power and forgot your charger! Never have that happen again – ever – with the Light Therapy Acne Mask Activator from LiiHot. This bad boy runs on lithium power, AA batteries, or you can hook it up to your pc with the USB cable and never run out of power!

Ever heard of a Sleep Tracker Eye Mask? It’s made by Dreamlight and is excellent for on-the-go pros that have to deal with jet lag all the time, people with trouble sleeping, or if you’re just stressed and want to relax. It works with Android or iOS tracking your sleep in order to create the ideal sleep schedule for you.

Orange LED lights inside of the monitor increase blood circulation around your eyes. Look better, feel better, and sleep better while personalizing your sleep schedule with this neat little gadget that you can use in conjunction with your light therapy mask! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED 'AS IS' AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. All prices on this site may change and those considered valid are displayed on

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