The 16 Hottest Korean Models to Follow on Instagram NOW!

by nylonpink

Seoul, Korea has been making their mark with the most beautiful women in the world. Is it because of their diet? Whether it’s runway, youtube, print or advertisements the modeling industry in Korea has been growing exponentially. With the rise of luxury brands and designers comes new faces. Not only are these girls remarkably gorgeous but many have furthered their career in acting and/or music. Let’s take a look at Hottest Korean Models of 2016!

1. Kim Tae Hee


Kim Tae Hee’s Instagram

This beauty is a model/actress and got her break in 2000 when an advertising executive saw Kim on the subway and offered her a modeling job right then and there!  Working as a model, she was the most in-demand product endorsers in South Korea. Her credits include Cyon, Paris Baguette, Hera, Klasse, Samsun, Olympus, Toyota, and Maxwell House just to name a few. Appearing in print ads as well as TV commercials, she made her first debut as an actress with a role in the melodrama “Last Present.”  Since then she has starred in films such as “Living in New Town,” “Let’s go,” and “A Problem at My Younger Brother’s House.”

2. Go Ara


Go Ara’s Instagram

Go started off as a popular commercial model in Korea endorsing products such as SK Telecom, Elite Uniforms as well as many cosmetic lines.  As the youngest model for Etude House, she was the muse for Lirikos and filmed the commercial for Etude with the famous Jang Keun-suk. While her modeling career was flourishing, Go started her acting career in 2003 for the KBS teen drama “Sharp #1 & #2.”  Her breakthrough role was in the drama “Snow Flower,” where she found her way to be cast in the MBC drama “Who Are You,” “Karei nary Spy,” and “Heading to the Ground” working next to Jun Yunho.  Go continues to work as an actress in the drama “Hwarang: The Beginning.”

3.  Han Ye Seul


Han Ye Seul’s Instagram

Winning the SBS Supermodel Contest in 2001, Han began her modeling career in South Korea.   While working for various companies she also made her acting debut in “Nonstop 4,” in 2003.  Although her first films didn’t receive high accolades (many thought she couldn’t break through as an actress because she was trained as a model) she powered through and had success in the series “Couple or Drama,” “Miss Gold Digger,”  and won the Best New Actress award for the Grand Bell Awards and for “Blue Dragon Film Awards.”

4. Lee Ha Nui


Lee Ha Nui’s Instagram

Better known as Honey Lee, this model/actress/musician started her career as Miss Universe in 2007 as the third runner-up.  She also has a show called “Lee Ha-Nui’s Vegan Recipe,” inspired from her vegetarian lifestyle. As beautiful and smart as she is, Lee got her bachelor’s degree as well her masters from Seoul National University with high honors.  After co-hosting Real Time TV Entertainment  on the TV network SBS she was also endorsed as a model for Tommy Hilfiger Korea, DAKS and Vogue.  Currently, Lee’s acting career has been taking off as she plays the rival princess in the 2015 drama “Shine or Go Crazy.”

5. Kim Hyuna


Hyuna’s Instagram

Hyuna is a model, dancer, and singer who used to be in 4Minute, Wonder Girls and Trouble Maker as well as being a solo singer.  Having hit songs such as “Bubble Pop,” and “Red” she is also known as the video vixen in Psy’s “Gangnam Style.” Famously known for her provocative style, she has been “slut shamed” for years.  Although she is talented and definitely stands out in the crowd, many criticize her harsh rap lyrics.  I always love a strong woman who isn’t afraid of sexuality and is proud of it!

6. Im Nana


Nana’s Instagram

Nana was chosen as the main model for Tokyo Girls Fashion Show, the Japanese fashion show Girls’ Award and Park Yoon-Yoo’s Seoul Fashion Show.  Besides walking on the catwalk Nana  became the face of the biggest diet brand in Korea Juvis.  Her beauty landed her second place on the Independent Critics List of the “100 Most Beautiful Faces” of 2013 then landed the number one spot in 2015. From her modeling career, she then went onto releasing her fifth single “Flashback.” Although this model has graced the catwalk she is also a talented musician debuting in “After School” and “Orange Caramel.”

7. Song Tae-Young


Tae-Young’s Instagram

We all know how gorgeous Korean models are but this beauty slays it!  Son Tae Young is not only a model but an actress and former Miss Korea!  She represented South Korea during the 2000 pageant and won first runner-up and Miss Photogenic.  She has appeared in films “Sad Movie,” “Crazy Waiting,” in addition she has been in dramas such as “Two Wives,” “Into Flames,” and “Love War.” Because of her style, she has been sought after by many magazines and fashion houses.

8. Han Hye Jin


Hye-Jin’s Instagram, Facebook

This model/actress is known for her ‘natural look,’ high cheek bones and almond shaped eyes that any girl would die for!  Her beauty has charmed the likes of fashion designers fighting for this muse.  As an actress, she made her breakthrough performance in 2005 starring as a widow in the drama “Be Strong, Geum-soon.” Her credits include “Soseono,” “Jumong,” “Jejungwon,” “26 Years,” and hosting the show “Healing Camp.”

9. Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun Hye

Eun Hye’s Instagram, Facebook

Yoon started off her career modeling and being one of the members of the group Baby V.O.X. As an actress, she starred in dramas such as “Princess Hours,” “My Fair Lady,” and “Marry Him If You Dare.”  Her natural beauty and talent have landed her numerous roles; currently, she has joined season 2 of “Goddess Fashion (a fashion design survival program) where she was awarded #1 in the evaluation. This girl hasn’t stopped working since day one, get it girl!

10. Song Hye Kyo


Hye Kyo’s Instagram, Facebook

Song Hye-kyo is best known as an actress/model receiving popularity front the TV drama “Autumn In My Heart,” “Full House,” and “That Winter The Wind Blows.”  Although she was trained as an ice skater, in the third grade, she won first place in the SunKyung Model Contest. From then on she became the face for the school uniform company.  From such a young age there was no stopping Song to be in the entertainment industry. As one of the most demanded endorsers/models/actors for TV commercials and print ads, she has been the face for companies such as Levi’s, Nintendo, Olay and McDonalds!

12. Park Shin Hye


Shin Hye’s Instagram, Facebook

Where many have failed in the entertainment industry this lady has flourished as a model/ actress and singer.  Park started her career doing commercials and modeling, but her goal was to be an actress. Although she was recognized for her roles in “Stairway to Heave,” and “Tree of Heaven,” the show was not received kindly by critics.  Park did not speak Japanese but trained herself to speak fluently which raised the attention of many directors and producers. Her most notable roles include “Flower Boys Next Door,” “Pinocchio,” and the “Doctors.”  In addition, she was picked as one of the “40 Most Powerful Celebrities” in Korea according to Forbes magazine!

13. Nam Gyu Ri

Nam Gyu Ri

Gyu Ri’s Instagram, Facebook

Voted #58 as the ‘Most Beautiful Face” on the 23rd Annual Independent Critics List, Nam is a singer, model, and actress.  She was the leader of the group SeeYa and is most notably known from the film “Death Bed,” and “49 Days.”  Although her days in SeeYa was short lived she did, in fact, make a name for herself in the acting world.  By 2013, she became a member of the company Namoo Actors but later decided to sign with a new agency SidusHQ.

14. Ha Ji Won


Ji Won’s Instagram, Facebook

We all love Jo-won and know her from many commercials, print ads as well as dramas and films such as “Secret Garden,” and “Empress Ki.” Ji-won is not only a pretty face but an extremely talented actress! She is a critically known to play diverse roles including action, drama, and comedy.  She also won the best actress in her theater performance “True or Dare” and “Sex Is Zero.”  By 2003 Ji Won was named the ‘most promising actor’ in 2003.  While many have a short-lived career in entertainment Ha is still active and working in 2016; working on films such as “Risking Life For Love,” and “Manhunt” by John Woo.

15. Soo Joo


Joo’s Instagram, Facebook

I have to say Soo Joo is one of my favorite models of all time! She was first discovered in the Bay Area while shopping at a vintage store.  During that time she had a full-time job as a graphic designer for a web company.  At the age of 26, Wilhelmina signed her but listed her three years younger than her real age. Although she started her career a bit later than most, designers started noticing her eclectic look.  She started working for Cavalli, Chanel, Vivianne Westwood and Tom Ford just to name a few. Her face has graced magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar as well as Allure. If you haven’t seen her in magazine stands, or ads you must be living under a rock!

16. Park Ji Hye


Ji Hye’s Instagram

This beautiful runway model has been sought after from the day she started.  She has an unforgettable face as well as a body to kill for; Ji Hye is a fashion designer’s dream! This walking mannequin has walked for Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Elie Sabb and has been featured on the cover of Korean Vogue and Elle. Her resume includes modeling for Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and so many more elite houses.  It doesn’t seem like she will be stopping anytime soon!


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