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by nylonpink
best portable wifi hotspot in india

As bloggers and writers, wifi connection was a major concern for us during the trip. Purchasing a sim card after arriving in India sounded like an absolute nightmare so I was definitely leaning towards getting a mobile hot spot for my upcoming trip to India

I ended up using Trabug during my trip and it was awesome. I was on the Golden Chariot luxury train traveling throughout Southern India. Although there is wifi in the common areas on the train, I needed to have wifi in my room to work during my down time.

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Some of the other guests on the trip opted to get their own sim card during the trip and it was really difficult. It took about a hour for the entire process, you have to show all kinds of paperwork and your phone needs to be unlocked. Having my Trabug phone with me was so much more convenient!

Here's how Trabug works:

Trabug was awesome to use because it is specifically designed for tourists to India. Its a 4G smartphone with unlimited data. You can just go to the website and input the dates of your trip and they'll ship the phone directly to your hotel so its all ready for you when you arrive! When you're ready to leave, Trabug will come pick it up for you with no extra charge!

You can use the phone regularly for calls and texts with no roaming charges. What I chose to do was use it as 4G portable wifi hotspot. 

Here are the reasons why Trabug is awesome

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    You can use it as a 4G mobile hot spot
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    Its also a smartphone
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    No roaming charges
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    Delivered and picked up from your hote
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    Provides curated recommended lists of restaurants and more
  • check
    Nearby currency exchange recommendations
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    Audio tour guides for 1200+ attractions

Pocket Wifi Price in India

Prices start at $16.99 plus $1 per day of your trip. I went with the Power Plan which is $59.99 plus $1 a day. It includes:

  • 3GB of data daily with 4G download speeds
  • Unlimited calling within India
  • 90 free texts within India
  • 30 minutes of international calls
  • You can rent the phone up to 80 days
  • Free incoming texts and calls

For more detailed pricing information click here.

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