The Best Hair Straightener for Extensions – Sutra InfraRed 2 Flat Iron

by nylonpink
Best Hair Straightener for Extensions


Straightening hair extensions can sometimes feel like a chore. You could feel like you just do not have enough time to take care of your extensions. We have been there! However you want to make sure you are taking the proper precautions when straightening your hair extensions as well. You will want to make sure you have a hair straightener that can be gentle, yet effective. We went on the hunt for the very best straightener for hair extensions and found the Sutra InfraRed 2 Flat Iron. Later, we will discuss all the boxes that this straightener checks for us. For now, let’s take a look at what makes the Sutra perfect!

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The Sutra InfraRed 2 Flat Iron is the latest by the Sutra brand. This means it has their most up to date technology. It was released earlier this year and has created quite the buzz. We thought we would investigate further and see what really makes this flat iron so great. We were not disappointed, as it has the perfect blend of technology and features.

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The plates on this straightener are made of a beautiful rose gold, leaving your hair gorgeous. The maximum temperature goes up to 450 degrees. It has a cord swivel, so you do not have to bend over backwards to reach the back of your head. This is important because sometimes hair extensions can be fragile and making it easier to reach makes everything run smoother. The temperature pops of digitally for easy viewing, as well. The sleek design is also stunning. But, our favorite feature is the infrared technology (if you could not guess by the name). It definitely checks all our boxes.

best hair straightener for extensions - sutra
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Used by professionals

We trust a straightener that has a large following of hair stylists behind it. Our hair stylists know best ladies! They always have exclusive access to the best products, so them choosing Sutra in their lineup really says something about the quality.

best hair straightener for extensions - sutra box
best hair straightener for extensions - sutra 2
best hair straightener for extensions - sutra iron

Heats up in thirty seconds

No wait time? Count us in. Nobody wants to sit around and wait for their straightener to heat up. We have places to be!

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Does not dry out your hair

You need to take careful care of your hair extensions. Some straighteners are just too harsh and can make your hair dry or brittle. This is not the case with the Sutra. The rose gold titanium plates heat up faster and retain heat better. You will love how silky it makes your hair.

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Has InfraRed technology

We absolutely love this technology and have never seen it before the Sutra. How does it work? The infrared comes off of the top plate and is sent to the bottom plate. The bottom plate has an ultraviolet frequency generator. When your hair is in the middle of this perfect balance, it makes sure each strand gets the same amount of heat. You will not have to keep going over and over the same spot.

You may be thinking, “Infrared technology is not new” and you would be right. It is not. However, Sutra announced that it is not like other infrared heat tools because it works on a different part of the spectrum. Working on the different side makes this straightener able to make your hair extensions silky smooth and sealed down longer.

No lag in recovery

Oftentimes, you will find that when you are using a regular straightener you may have to wait to straighten another strand. This is because the straightener has to reheat. Well, that is not the case with the Surta InfraRed 2 Flat Iron, as it has no lag in recovery.

Now you know the best hair straightener for hair extensions. But, how do you use it? Hair extensions should be treated with the same amount of TLC as your real hair. This hair might even need a little extra since it is not actually connected to you.

how to straighten extensions

After you brush out your extensions, you will want to:

  1. Use a heat protectant. This is very important to help maintain your natural hair’s health and the health of your extensions. If you do not, you risk damaging them, especially if you use heat products often.
  2. Do not feel discouraged if after drying your extensions they are a little frizzy. The Sutra InfraRed will smooth out those tresses no matter what state they are in! That’s why we love it.
  3. Test out the temperatures and see which temperature works for you! The Sutra can go all the way up to 450 degrees, but you may not need to go up that high.

Hair extensions can totally transform your look. They can give you the ease of versatility by allowing you to have short hair one day and long hair the next. In order to blend your hair extensions, it is usually best to curl or straighten your hair. This will help the pieces flow more naturally to your real hair. However, not all straighteners are made alike and there are clear front runners in this game. You do not want to skimp when it comes to heat tools because you could run the risk of damaging your hair extensions. Nobody wants dry or brittle hair extensions. That will be sure to ruin your look! That is why we wanted to find the best of the best for straightening hair extensions.

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Get the professionally trusted Sutra InfraRed 2 Flat Iron that just launched. You will be blown away by it’s infrared and UV technology that will leave those tresses silky smooth, no matter their prior condition. Cut down your straightening time by making the process super easy and quick. The rose gold titanium plates lock in heat that means no lag time. So, no sitting around waiting because it also heats up in under thirty seconds. Are your extensions thick and hard to handle? No problem. The Sutra can heat all the way up to 450 degrees, so you are bound to find a heat setting that works for you. Treat your hair extensions to the best heat tools experience with the Sutra InfraRed 2 Flat Iron.

I received this flat iron for review but as always all opinions are my own!

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Pink Girl February 19, 2019 - 4:54 am

Great info! I could not even think you could treat hair extensions with a hair straightener! I was using some products of this brand but never managed to try the flat iron.


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