The Best Pocket Wifi Rental for Bali and Worldwide – Roaming Man

by nylonpink
Roaming Man bali and worldwide pocket wifi rental 4

I took Roaming Man with me on my journey through Bali and thank God I brought it! As a content producer, I want to be able to capture moments live and upload them to my computer in a timely manner. Without Roaming Man, I would have been left without wifi whenever I left my hotel.

Roaming Man is the largest hotspot Wi-Fi provider in the world and they are finally expanding their services into the United States. The internet is high speed 4G and available in 136 countries and regions around the world. 

They have served over 100 million customers and work with over 60% of the Chinese market.

Here are some other awesome features:

  • Affordable Prices
  • Unlimited Internet as you travel
  • Secure Data
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    Up to 5 devices can be connected at once
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    Lasts 8-12 hours when fully charged
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    No need to buy a SIM card for the hotspot (runs on Cloud sim
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    24 hour customer service
Roaming Man bali and worldwide pocket wifi rental

The rental fee is $9.99 a day for unlimited wifi for everyone in group, it's really a fantastic deal! The process was incredibly easy. Once I had the dates for the trip, the Roaming Man was shipped to my home and once I landed in Bali, the portable hotspot was activated and ready to use the minute that I stepped off the airplane. Once I returned from my trip, the package had included a shipping envelope with a postage sticker so all I had to do was pop it into a mailbox to send it back to Roaming Man!

Roaming Man bali and worldwide pocket wifi rental 2
Roaming Man bali and worldwide pocket wifi rental 1

You also have the option of ordered the Roaming Man with a power bank. I already had my own power bank, but this is a great option if you just want to rent a power bank for your travels. I can't live without a power bank while traveling either!

Also amazing is the 24 hour customer support provided by Roaming Man. I did not need it, as my device operated without any issues but it's a great option to have if you run into any connectivity issues.

Roaming Man provided a complimentary hotspot for my review but as always all opinions are my own!

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