The Top 3 Reasons Why Preventeza™ Helps You Become Prepared and Powerful

by Kiki Wong
The Top 3 Reasons Why Preventeza™ Helps You Become Prepared and Powerful

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Alright my fellow in-charge and powerful ladies. It’s time we talk about sex. That’s right, I’m here to convince you that sex should not be a taboo to discuss because the more knowledge we have about it, the safer we can be.

The fact is that many women push the subject of unprotected sex or accidents under the rug because they feel ashamed or guilty from social stigmas. However, being prepared in these sticky situations shouldn’t be wrong. It’s empowering to take control of your life!

That’s why I’m here to tell you 3 reasons why Preventeza™ by Vagisil® can help you become prepared and powerful, because being shameless is beautiful.

1. #WeAre1in2

Did you know that 1-in-2 women may need an emergency contraceptive at some point in her life? That’s right, about 50% of women face a situation where they could potentially become pregnant unintentionally.

However, most women feel too ashamed to actually discuss how to use emergency contraceptives or may not even know it exists because of the lack of publicity.

Preventeza™ is a safe emergency contraceptive that can help prevent pregnancy up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. It’s easy to purchase at your local drug store, and you can even buy it online here from the comfort of your own home as a back-up so you’re always prepared and in charge.

2. One Tablet, One Dose

Vagisil® has been helping women feel shameless and powerful for over 40 years in the industry. The masterminds at Vagisil® helped create an easy emergency contraceptive pill that’s only one tablet and one dose, making it easy for you to be prepared.

So, how does it work? Use as directed within 3 days (72 hours) of unprotected sex or birth control failure to help prevent pregnancy BEFORE it starts. That’s right, my friends. You are PREVENTING a pregnancy BEFORE it happens, not eliminating it after it occurred.

3. #PreparedIsPowerful

Being prepared shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable at all. The best way to be prepared and confident is by having Preventeza™ at hand in case of an emergency. I always keep it in my bag or medicine cabinet because you NEVER know when your birth control may fail you.

Also, the main ingredient in Preventeza™ is the same as most birth control pills, just at a higher dose making it totally safe to use. The only thing you need to feel after taking Preventeza™ is safe, empowered, and in charge!

Ultimately, Preventeza™ is here to make all women to never feel ashamed again. We should be proud of taking control of our bodies and being prepared for any situations that confront us.

So, I urge you to take control today! Check out and buy one or give one free!

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