The Ultimate Two Day Itinerary and Guide to Osijek, Croatia

by nylonpink
Osijek Itinerary

The first time that I visited Croatia, I toured the Istria region. I was excited to visit Osijek the second time around!

The origins of Osijek are a bit mysterious but the first prehistoric human settlements are said to have first settled in Drava, in the Northern region of Retfala. The soil here was fertile, ideal for a settlement and it was also located favorably along trade routes.

Osijek was declared a free city in 1809 and features abundant greenery, gardens and beautiful promenades. Some stand out features include the opulent Baroque Fort, Upper and Lower Town - featuring neo-classic architecture, and artwork from the Croatian Art Nouveau.

Day One

- 10:00am – Explore Osijek and Tvrđa on foot
- 11:30am –- Depart from Tvrđa to Dalj
- 12:15pm – Arrive in Dalj and sightseeing; visit to Milutina
Milanković birthplace
- 1:15pm – Depart for Erdut, arrive and guided tour of the old
winery; lunch; guided tour of the new winery
- 4:00pm – Return to Osijek and hotel
- 5:00pm – Dinner in Osijek

Day Two

- 10:00am – Depart for Kopački rit
- 10:45am – Arrive and begin guided tour of Kopački rit (on foot;
boat ride)
- 12:15pm – Depart for Đakovo
- 1:30pm – Arrival in Ergela / Ivandvor for lunch
- 3:10pm – Transfer to Ergela / Đakovo (10 min)
- 3:30pm – Horse Show in Ergela
- 4:45pm – Begin Đakovo city tour
- 5:45pm – Depart for Josić winery
- 7:00pm – Arrive and begin tour of Josić winery incl. wine tasting
- 7:45pm – Depart for Karanac
- 8:00pm – Dinner at Baranjska kuća
- 1pm-12am – Return to Osijek Hotel

Day One

Osijek and Tvrda

Hotel Osijek is a great, central hotel to stay at when exploring the area as it is in walking distance of several notable sites. 

Breakfast Recommendation: Hotel Osijek has a solid breakfast buffet, perfect to start off your busy day.

Just a short 5 minute walk from Hotel Osijek is the St. Peter and Paul's Concathedral, built between 1894-1898. The design of the building is neo-Gothic, designed by Franz Langenberg and Richard Jordan. This building is notable for is five gothic towers and 90m tall bell tower. 

St. Peter and Paul's Concathedral is located in the  trg ante starčevića, which is essentially just the heart of of Osijek. It's perfect for a bit of shopping or grabbing a quick local bite to eat which sightseeing.

Osijek Itinerary trg ante starčevića


After you've toured around Osijek and Tvrda, it's time to jump in the car for a 45 minute drive to Dalj. A notable site in Dalj is Milutina Milanković birthplace. Milanković is a famed mathematician, astronomer, scientist, and so much more. His birth home has been transformed into the Cultural and Scientific Center "Milutin Milanković" featuring some of his past work. 

1 Osijek Itinerary - Brzica Winery Barrel
1 Osijek Itinerary - Bzica Winery


Next up drive to the Brzica Winery in Erdut. This gorgeous winery is surrounded by the Danube river and features lush, rich soil which gives the grapes grown on this winery a particularly special flavor.

Enjoy a delicious lunch at Brzica, see below!

1 Osijek Itinerary - Brzica Winery Food 2

Head back to Osijek for the night for dinner.

Dinner Recommendation: For delicious local cuisine in Osijek, try Kod Ruze

Day 2

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your hotel and then head out by car to Kopački rit at 10am. It'll be about a 45 minute drive

1 Osijek Itinerary - Kopački rit - Gordan Trtanj

photo: Gordan Trtanj

1 Osijek Itinerary - Kopački rit - Gordan Trtanj 2

photo: Gordan Trtanj

Kopački rit Nature Park

The Kopački rit is located in Baraja, which is located on the Easterm border of Croatia, abutting Serbia. It's a nature park featuring a marshland with abundant wildlife. A highlight of the park is the boat tour through the marsh. It's 42,000 acres in size and is home to many rare birds. Located in the region of Slavonia its the largest wetland in Europe.

Plan to stay about a hour and a half here. Depart the park at 12:15PM for Ergela/Dakovo


1 Osijek Itinerary - State Stud Farm Đakovo - Gordan Trtanj

photo: Gordan Trtanj

State Stud Farm Đakovo

The next stop is the State Stud Farm Đakovo where you can rest and enjoy a delicious lunch. Established in 1506 the property is not only gorgeous but it's filled with countless horses of the Lipizzaner breed. It's also a popular wedding destination. 

Osijek Itinerary - State Stud Farm Đakovo - Gordan Trtan 2

photo: Gordan Trtanj

After lunch, watch the 30 minute equestrian riding show. Combining music and the highly trained riders and State Stud Farm Đakovo horses you'll see a combination of two riders, four riders and carriages in this complicated performance.

Depart at 4:45PM to tour the Đakovo cathedral.

1 Osijek Itinerary - Dakovo Cathedral

Dakovo Cathedral

Also known as the Cathedral basilica of St. Peter, its the highlight of a visit to Đakovo. It was built in the 1800s and built in 4 years. The painstakingly designed interior took over 12 years to complete. This neo-Romanesque structure features scenes from the Old Testament and life of St Peter on the many frescos inside.

Depart for the Josic Winery at 5:45, about 1:15 minutes in driving transport.

1 Osijek Itinerary - Josić winery

Josić winery

Started by Damir and Vlatka, the Josic Winery features 1.6 hectares of vineyards, a restaurant, and a 42 meter wine cellar. Baranja means 'the mother of wines' in Hungarian so you know that the wine in this region has to be good!

Leave at 7:45PM for dinner at Baranjska kuća.

1 Osijek Itinerary - Baranjska kuća
1 Osijek Itinerary - Baranjska kuća - Peca

Baranjska kuća

Enjoy traditional Baranja specialties at this restaurant located in the heart of the village of Karanac. The Baranjska kuća not only features delicious local food but there is a gorgeous garden in the back featuring an exhibition and museum of historical buildings from every day life. Recommend the peca, a traditional Croatian dish!


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