The Top 10 Best Vacations Spots in Baja California

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Best Vacations Spots in Baja California - ojo de liebre (1)

Baja, Mexico is a travel lover’s dream come true. The peninsula is loaded North to South with beautiful unspoiled beaches, exotic desert oases, and lovely Mexican towns that must not be missed! Here are the top 10 most beautiful spots in Baja, Mexico.

Bahia de los angeles

1. Bahía de Los Angeles

Located on the Eastern side of Baja, Bahía de Los Angeles is a tiny paradise. The road to this beautiful bay was unpaved until 2014, making it a mostly undiscovered beachfront. Small luxury accommodations have popped up since then, but it is still the new frontier for Baja beachcombers. We stayed at the lovely Campo de Archelon, where we rented a beachfront palapa that allowed us to watch a variety of wildlife all day, and search for oysters and clams at low tide.

punta banda

2. Punta Banda

On the Pacific side of the Baja peninsula, Punta Banda is a small peninsula just south of Ensenada that juts out into the Pacific ocean. Largely undeveloped, Punta Banda hosts cliffside views of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the famous La Bufadora, a giant blowhole that shoots water 40 feet into the air throughout the day. We recommend taking a bus to La Bufadora, as the road leading to it is very steep and winding, with dramatic drop-offs at its side.

3. Playa el Tecolote

Playa el Tecolote (Tecolote Beach) is one of two spectacular beaches located just outside the city of La Paz. Tecolote is best known for it’s aquamarine blue water and white sand, with plenty of delicious seafood and margarita stands dotting its shore. Also, many tourist excursions leave from Tecolate beach, including boats that will take you swimming with sea lions off of the nearby Isla Espiritu Santo.

4. Rancho Ecologico Sol de Mayo

Rancho Ecologico Sol de Mayo is one of Baja’s best kept secrets. A desert oasis of crystal clear freshwater springs, Rancho Ecologico Sol de Mayo is a fantastic place to beat the heat in southern Baja. Whether you enjoy lounging in the sun on large flat rocks, or cliff jumping next to a 30 foot waterfall, you will find a way to enjoy your day in this protected natural preserve. Check Airbnb for cabin rentals just a short walk from this lovely spot.

ojo de liebre

5.  Ojo de Liebre

Every winter thousands of gray whales migrate to Baja to breed and give birth to their calves. Ojo de Liebre is the largest of the three gray whale nursery lagoons in Baja, and it is not to be missed! Camping and palapa rentals are available on the shore of the lagoon, where you can constantly see whales jumping and spouting right from the shore! Tour boats head out in the mornings, and will get you up close and personal with these beautiful creatures. Prime whale watching season is December through March.

6. Balandra Beach

Located just outside of the city of La Paz, Balandra beach is often cited as Baja’s most beautiful beach, and for good reason. The most popular portion of Balandra beach is a giant lagoon where the crystal clear water is only about waist deep at it’s deepest point, making the lagoon a perfect spot to lay in the water while sipping piña coladas and relaxing. There is a small bar in the parking lot that serves drinks, snacks, and rents floats for day use.

7. Vizcaino Peninsula

On the West side of Baja, this large peninsula juts out into the Pacific ocean, and is home to many fishing villages. Largely unvisited, the Vizcaino Peninsula is perhaps one of the most underrated of Baja’s attractions. Huge swaths of this Pacific beach go unvisited, and untouched, most of the year. Make your way to the small fishing village of Bahía Asuncion and you will find delicious, authentic Mexican seafood, spectacular ocean views, and the extremely unusual treat of seeing the sunrise and sunset over the water, a natural trick due to the peninsula’s location far out in the Pacific Ocean.

8. Cataviña

On paper Cataviña is a tiny desert town in the middle of nowhere. However, when you enter the desert of Cataviña you immediately realize how beautiful and special this location is. Loaded with a variety of unusual desert plants, Cataviña feels like being dropped into a Dr. Seuss picture book. From giant 15 foot cacti to 10 foot desert flowers, Cataviña is one of Baja’s most unique spots!

san ignacio

9. San Ignacio

Most travelers drive right past San Ignacio on their way to the southern portion of the Baja peninsula. What a mistake! San Ignacio is a beautiful Mexican town founded in the late 1700’s. The town sits on a spring-fed river, perfect for swimming and relaxing on a hot day. At the center of San Ignacio sits a beautiful Catholic mission surrounded by a cobblestone square that hosts restaurants, shops, and huge trees that provide shaded seating. There are campgrounds and hotels all along the spring-fed river, so be sure to stop for a few days to really enjoy this beautiful oasis.

bahia concepcion

10. Bahía Concepción

One of Baja’s best kept secrets, Bahía Concepción is an inlet off of the Sea of Cortez dotted with tiny islands and lined with pristine, untouched beaches. There are a myriad of beaches along Bahía Concepción, and from the shore it is common to see dolphins, whale sharks, and a variety of seabirds. Another incredible feature of Bahía Concepción is its nearly motionless, crystal clear water which makes this bay idyllic for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. There are a few hotels along Bahía Concepción, but Airbnb is your best bet for finding lodging close to the water. Many of the beaches allow waterfront camping for a small fee, and if you can swing it I highly recommend this option. There is nothing quite like waking up on the sand to watch the sun rise as a pod of dolphins swims right past you. Mornings like this are not uncommon on the shores of Bahía Concepción.


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Best Vacations Spots in Baja California

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