Top 10 Best Korea Travel Blogs

by Kiki Wong
Top 10 Best Korea Travel Blogs

It’s your first time traveling to Korea! Chuka haeyo!  We’re not surprised if you’ve been scouring Korea travel blogs across the web for tips and excursion ideas.  Fear not, you’re definitely on the right track to a more successful and Seoul-full vacation.

Do you want to find out what delicious food to eat in Korea or the best time to visit Korea? Travel blogs will help you find the answer!

The beauty of using travel blogs instead of putting all your trust in a travel agent is that travel blogs give first-hand experiences and information from people who’ve already done the dirty work for you. This saves you a lot of “guess and check” work in an overseas country, especially with a massive language barrier. We did the research for you and found the 10 of the BEST Korea Travel Blogs on the internet for all of your trip-prepping needs.

 1. Two Wandering Soles – South Korea

Two Wandering Soles - Korea Travel Blogs

This quirky, fun-loving travel blog is run by love birds Katie and Ben, who shortly after they married decided to quit their day jobs and explore the world. They’ve discovered all the nooks and crannies of South Korea over the course of one year teaching English to Korean students. From travel hacks to bucket lists and the tastiest Korean foods, they cover everything that will peak your interests about traveling in Korea.

If you’re planning on traveling to Korea as newlyweds or with a significant other, this blog is perfect for you!


2. Lonely Planet – South Korea

Lonely Planet South Korea - Korea Travel Blogs

Lonely Planet strikes again with yet another comprehensive travel guide to Korea. The site covers everything from the top experiences and adventures to useful tools such as maps and books.  What makes this site stand out from the others is its survival guide. The survival guide covers important things to know before you pack up and go such as high season, electrical outlets, and the average price for flights.

Overall, this site is perfect for someone who just started thinking about their trip and is ready to grab the reigns and go!

3. Imagine Your Korea

Imagine Your Korea - Korea Travel Blogs

This handy travel blog is the main site directly from the Korea Tourism Organization. Through clever branding and eye-catching colors, Imagine Your Korea approaches tourism with a pop-culture perspective. With the rise of KPOP’s popularity across the globe, many tourists find their way to the beautiful country to discover Korean pop culture first hand. The site gives all the info needed to make all your K-culture curiosities appeased.

 4. Will Fly For Food – First Timers Guide to South Korea

Will Fly For Food - Korea Travel Blogs

The name of the site says it all! Authors JB and Renee truly have dream jobs traveling the world and discovering different delicious local delicacies, and their passion comes out through their site. The site provides all the necessities of planning a perfect trip to Korea with the added bonus of tasty must-have meals. If you’re a big eater, this is a blog you don’t want to miss.


Visit Seoul - Korea Travel Blog

Run by Seoul’s city hall, this site has all the fun upcoming festivals and events happening in the bustling city. It also offers a 70% discount for the Discover Seoul Pass, which allows entry into many of the most popular tourist attractions in Korea. They also offer other discounted tickets to events and walking tours as well as hotel bookings. If you’re looking for a way to travel Korea while optimizing your dollar, this site is the best of all Korea travel blogs.


Seoulistic - Korea Travel Blogs

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve heard of Seoulistic already. This nifty travel blog has been featured on many well-known media sources such as BBC, Washington Post, and ABC News. It covers all the essentials for first-time travelers as well as some other more creative ventures. Check out the Just for Fun section to learn about how you can dance Gangnam Style and other wacky things to do only in Korea.

7. Discovering Korea

Discovering Korea - Korea Travel Blog

If you’re interested in learning more about the historical culture of Korea, Discovering Korea is the right travel blog to scope. It goes in depth on culture and traditions that will make even the most foreign traveler feel like home. You can search by region to learn more about different cultural areas outside of the hustle and bustle of Seoul.

8. Seoul Searching

My Seoul Searching - Korea Travel Blogs

This epically adorable travel blog takes a kawaii spin on traveling. Not only does it give information on places to stay and hot spots to visit, it also gives valuable information about hot cafe spots, nightlife, and fun shopping centers. There’s a section that also explains the Korean pop culture phenomenon and where you can see it first hand.

9. Migrationology – Seoul Travel Guide for Food Lovers

Migrationology Korea - Korea Travel Blogs

We dare you to try and read through this without leaving a trail of drool across your chin! This travel guide is perfect for those travelers who think with their belly. Through beautiful pictures and mouther-watering descriptions, this blog shows all the good eats, where to find them, and how to order them. From bustling marketplaces to hip restaurants, this is the perfect guide to satisfying all of your food cravings in Korea.

10. Life n’ Style – A Korea Travel Blog by Pheuron Tay

Pheuron Tay - Korea Travel Blog

This gorgeous travelogue is definitely fit for those who love visually striking photography and beautifully designed graphics. The site is entirely dedicated to exploring South Korea, unlike other Korea travel blogs that focus on several different countries. Not only does it provide the necessities, but it also touches on fashion styles and beauty trends, which Korea is very well known for.

Visiting Korea is an experience of a lifetime! Whether you’re a foodie, fashion lover, or just a natural born explorer, these Korea travel blogs will help you discover all the neat nooks and crannies that South Korea has to offer.


JB & Renee August 25, 2016 - 11:14 pm

Thanks for including us in this list Nylon Pink! You guys rock! 🙂

nylonpink August 26, 2016 - 11:04 pm

yay love your blog!


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