Top 20 Best Perfumes for Women that Men Love

by nylonpink
best perfumes for women that men love

Smelling good is high on the list for any male or female, especially when they go out. First impressions are important. Not only can a scent that smells good keep a man interested, it can also give a significant boost to a woman’s confidence.

A woman’s perfume, in an essence, can essentially describe her personality. We have compiled this list of the best perfumes for women that men love to help women discover the types of perfume scents that are the most popular.

Have you ever been at a department store, spritzing and smelling the various perfumes? By the time you are done, you reek to high heavens and you have no idea which one was your favorite. Or worse, which one the man in your life will enjoy.

Would he prefer a clean fresh scent or something with more floral tones? We have broke down the best perfumes for women that men love and have put it all out there for you. These are scents that we personally love and that men approve of! So, get ready to rock the New Year with a new perfume!

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The 20 Best Perfumes for Women that Men Love

This playful scent is sure to delight any man that you may interact with. Vera Wang, a luxurious brand with quality products, has crafted a perfume that is light, yet fun.


This perfume features fruity floral notes, that make you feel bouncy and young. The fruity notes in this perfume are that of lady apples. The floral scent is made up of water lily. This product is described as having a very whimsical feel, without being overbearing.


Princess by Vera Wang is perfect for a woman who is a little mysterious with a playful side and wants that to be mirrored in a delightful perfume.

Versace crafts only the finest designer fragrances for women, making it one of the best perfumes for women that men love. Bright Crystal was directly inspired by Donatella Versace’s very favorite floral scents.

This product is perfect for a woman who prefers to smell more flowery. The main scents in Bright Crystal are peony, magnolia, and lotus flower. It also has a blend of yuzu and pomegranate. What also makes this perfume special, is that it has hints of amber and musk.

These are barely detectable, but are a deeper scent than the light floral. This gives the scent a little bit of depth and makes you smell more intriguing.

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana is a classic light scent that is reminiscent of the mediterranean. We listed this product as one of the best perfumes for women that men love because Light Blue does not have that background alcohol scent that some perfumes have.

This product is a fruity floral scent and goes lightly onto the skin. It is a mixture of apple and soft bluebell.

Men love the fruity notes, but also that this perfume has a very empowering scent. It goes on lightly, but makes the wearer feel incredibly good.

Lovely is the first fragrance crafted by Sara Jessica Parker. Amber has appeared to us to be a top runner when it comes to a note that men tend to love.

This particular perfume features amber and lavender. In comparison to the previous scents, Lovely is much more softer and subtle. We have noticed that the main scent coming through is that of cedar.

Lovely is less of a strong floral scent and more of a delicate fruity and warm perfume.

This perfume was crafted to make you give off the cool vibe of New York City, by bottling it into Coach’s signature fragrance. But, you do not have to live in the city to rock this unique fragrance.

This perfume is perfect for a woman with a little bit of attitude and wants a strong scent to match her never settling attitude. The main scent is that of rose and berries. 

It is however also very musky and has suede notes as well. These typical “manly” scents help balance this perfume and make it more authentic.

This perfume by Yves Saint Laurent is the definition of mysterious. All men love a little mystery and that is why we added Black Opium to the list of perfumes for women that men love.

This unique perfume has little to no notes of anything floral. So, this perfume is perfect for a woman who can not stand a flowery scent on her skin.

The main scent in Black Opium is a strong vanilla mixed with coffee and pear. Yves Saint Laurent specifically created this product to be more dark and mysterious than their past products.

The Marc Jacobs brand crafted Daisy to be a sweet and seductive scent. The base notes of this product are sandalwood and vanilla. Alberto Morillas is the creator of this fresh and feminine scent.

This beautiful perfume consists mostly of a gardenia scent, along with violet. This product is perfect for a woman who loves flowery scents on her skin. Marc Jacobs Daisy comes in a variety of different sizes.

However, we recommend the full-size because rollerballs and travel size mists tend to smell more of alcohol.

Juicy Couture is known for creating some of the most inviting fragrances for women. Viva La Juicy lives up to that notion, bringing forth a perfume that will make you stand out in the crowd.

There is something familiar about this scent that is not too overbearing. The packaging makes this product looks somewhat over the top, but this perfume actually has a very relaxed scent. The main notes are white floral and caramel, making it lightly sweet. The base is a calming citrus, evening out the floral scent.

This is perfect for a woman who wants to smell playfully addictive.

Gucci designed the perfume Bamboo to ooze confidence and feminity when worn. It is designed for the go-getter. This perfume is intense, yet gentle at the same time. The most noticeable scent in this perfume is the very strong bergamot. It also has hints of lily and orange blossom.

This citrus and floral balances out the bergamot and tones down the intensity. The bases of Bamboo is sandalwood and amber. These very woodsy smells naturally appeal to men and is one of the reasons Bamboo makes our list of the best perfumes for women that men love.

This scent is perfect for a strong woman who wants an intense smell, but also does not want it to be overbearing or too sweet smelling.

The Ed Hardy brand is inspired by rock-and-roll and Ed Hardy tattoo artwork. This fragrance mixes fruity vibes with strong florals to give a woman a strong essence. The fruit scents in this product were designed to really stand out and be somewhat tropical.

The florals that also make up this perfume were designed to be more on the vintage side. These notes include black freesia and linden blossoms. The combination of these two sides of the spectrum gives this fragrance an edgy feel, while still remaining feminine.

This is perfect for a woman that wants an explosive burst of a confident fruity scent with an inviting, yet mysterious, floral scent to back it up. The woman who wears Ed Hardy is confident in her skin and knows what she wants. 

Beyonce created Heat to put her personality and drive into a fragrance. No, Heat will not turn you into Beyonce. But, even just smelling this perfume can boost your confidence and make you own yourself.

The main notes are orchid and peach. This combination of light floral and delicate fruity comes off as a surprisingly good mixture. Most of the time, we see perfumes that combine two different ends of the spectrum.

While that works in some instances, we love that Heat combines scents that are delicate and similar. The base is that of wood and amber, which ends the perfume with a mysterious and strong aspect.

Beautiful by Estee Lauder is a very strong floral scent, consisting of marigold, lily, and rose. This product was originally designed in 1985 and was advertised as smelling as that of a bouquet of flowers.

The flowery scent is not always for everyone, but men regard this scent as being quite romantic. To help balance the heavy floral scent in this perfume, there is a splash of citrus in the top notes. This also gives Beautiful a very fresh floral scent without becoming too overbearing. This very elegant perfume has very warm base notes.

These base notes include sandalwood and vetiver. This perfume is perfect for a woman who needs a new perfume to spritz on before going on a date.

Meow is the second fragrance created by singer Katy Perry. Katy Perry has been known to make out of this world music videos and put on outrageous performances, complete with crazy outfits. 

This perfume is no exception and was designed to replicate the land of Candyfornia.

The first scents in this perfume are that of jasmine and pear. Then, there are notes of honeysuckle and orange blossom. The base of this perfume is musk and vanilla.

The bottle design is extremely cute and almost vintage looking, being a see-through cat. Meow is a very uplifting and light perfume, perfect for a carefree spirit and a happy go-lucky woman.

This upbeat and fun perfume is based off of Jennifer Lopez’s love of dance. The opening of this beautiful scent is drenched in fruity notes of pear, peach, and a touch of mango. It is less of a romantic floral scent and more of a lively scent due to the fruit being the main notes. However, there are some floral scents in this perfume as well. If you love the smell of lily of the valley, Live Luxe is perfect for you. The peach really brings out the light floral smell and they combine beautifully. The base of Live Luxe is sandalwood, amber, and vanilla. The vanilla as the base is quite unique and is the main reason we added Live Luxe to the list of the best perfumes for women that men love. The vanilla adds a sweet aspect versus a masculine smell to the end of this perfume.

This fragrance was created by Veronique Nyberg and definitely lives up to it’s name: Seduction. It was crafted to embrace the femininity of a woman and give her confidence with it’s powerful scent.  This scent starts with pear and jasmine notes, but is soon flooded with a woodsy scent.

This gives it a more seductive vibe than a flowery romantic scent in the sense that it is more masculine smelling. We have found that men tend to lean more towards perfumes for women that have hints of amber and cedar and smell more woodsy as opposed to a more feminine scent.

Even though this perfume is not the normal definition of a woman’s perfume, it radiates seductive capabilities which makes it a very empowering scent.

Vera Wang has always been known for crafting luxurious romantic scents that men absolutely love and women can not get enough of. This is a very exotic and feminine scent. The top notes consist of mandarin and iris.

We found this scent, similar to all Vera Wang perfumes, to be very long lasting. Even though this perfume came out way back in 2002, we find it to be a timeless classic and one of the very best romantic perfumes that men love. Since it is a very light floral scent, this perfume is not very heavy and is pretty uplifting.

Vera Wang is perfect for a woman who just wants to spritz something very light, yet long lasting with a touch of floral.

Michael is created by the luxurious brand: Michael Kors. This product is a very floral woodsy musk. The combination of floral and woods is something we really like and have found men to enjoy as well.

We really like Michael by Michael Kors because it is not overwhelmingly feminine, which makes it more intriguing. The top notes in this perfume are freesia and incense. The base notes in this product are cashmere wood and musk.

This luxurious and elegant scent is perfect for someone who wants to steer away from heavy florals, but does not want something entirely bland smelling. The woodsy factor in this perfume keeps it just interesting enough.

Jimmy Choo is an effortlessly luxurious and elegant brand. The same rings true for this perfume. A fragrance can reveal a woman’s sexuality and personality.

This perfume would reveal a woman to be elegant, yet mysterious. The top notes are that of orange and pear. The base notes are toffee and patchouli. The base is a very unique mix that blends perfectly.

It is an empowering scent and is perfect for a woman that wants something unique to wear. The perfume scent also comes in body lotion and shower gel.


ig viewer January 3, 2018 - 1:30 am

Love this post! I want to buy one or two bottles but I don’t know what to choose, because I know nothing about perfume. This list will help me much! Gonna try Princess by Vera Wang and Heat by Beyonce first.

nylonpink January 4, 2018 - 7:23 am

yay super glad that it was helpful! Totally love Princess by Vera Wang

Jewel August 8, 2018 - 8:56 pm

Vera Wang Princess has been my fav since early 2000 and it by far is the best in my collection; last forever and turns heads without being too much! only takes a dab, or quick spritz. All my gifts include top fav Vera Wang Princess Plueeeeeeeeses!!!! I am glad of the scents list no more endless headaches and perfume then coffee beans samples. Thanks!!

nylonpink September 4, 2018 - 5:48 pm

I also love Vera Wang Princess, it has such a gorgeous bottle too!

Guess Seductive November 6, 2019 - 9:09 am

Twenty beautiful perfumes you have shared. Thanks for sharing this article. Looking for a perfume for the gift, Nice to get your article.


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