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The Top 25 Korean Music Videos of All Time


Let's face it. If you haven't heard or watched "Gangnam Style" by Psy, then you're pretty much living under a rock. However, don't let it ruin your day yet! At first, When it came to chart-toppers of Korean pop music videos, we've got the hook-ups for you! After a lot of hard work scouring the internet, we found the top 25 Korean music videos of all time just for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


1. Psy - Gangnam Style

With over 2.8 billion views on YouTube, this music video hit the Guiness Book of World Records for most viewed video on YouTube of ALL TIME! That goes to tell you that Psy's hard work and perseverance in the music industry certainly paid off. Coming in at his 18th released song, it goes to show that if you stick it out in the industry, you really can make a world record-breaking difference. 

Park Jae Sang (Psy) rocked the world with his signature ‘Gangnam Style’ moves! You would hardly find anyone who hasn’t shake their bodies with this perfect mood setting single! In this preposterously funny video, Psy portrayed a perfect picture of the lifestyle, stance, and revelation of the exorbitantly rich people of the Gangnam district in Seoul, South Korea!

2. Psy - Hangover

Did we stutter? Nope, we certainly did not. Psy's wacky ingenious later released the infamous "Hangover" track featuring Long Beach's finest, Snoop Dogg. This hilariously quirky music video is certainly ground breaking and also a must see. 

You would certainly expect something amazing when you see the collaboration between two heavyweight pop artists, right? Both the name Psy and Snoop Dogg in a single title is more than enough to make their fans crazy! However, ‘Hangover’ got somewhat of a mixed audience response. All those different Korean liquor tastings (!), continuous hangover and puking, redolent dancing, getting high with marijuana, and the provocative lyrics made the parents quite pissed! Be that as it may, these issues simply couldn’t stop this bizarre and sensational song from going viral on social medias. Overall, it’s a typical Psy M/V with lots of drinking, drugs, and smoking!

3. BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby

Mega boyband BIGBANG makes it on this list a couple of times but Fantastic Baby tops the list. With a whopping 285 million views. The song is known as one of the greatest KPOP hits ever and the song features electropop and EDM. This single is one of the best selling singles of all time and the theme of the music video is a "fight for freedom" and features a bit of anarchy. As always, all the members make powerful fashion statements with multiple hairstyle and clothing changes throughout the video. 

You wouldn’t help but keep nodding your head with Edgy and Swaggy G-dragon, Suave Top, Hip and Happening Daesang, Cool Taeyang, and Jittery Seungri. By and large, the song is somewhat self-explanatory – ‘Wow! Fantastic Baby!’

4. BIGBANG - Bang Bang Bang

Expressions like ‘Party-Hardy’ and ‘Vivaciously Raving’ can be used to describe the song ‘Bang Bang Bang’ by the famed Boy Bang, Big Bang! After three years of break, this chorale was supposed to be the ‘Next Big Thing’ for Big Bang after their top-viewed song ‘Fantastic Baby’. Even though the song managed to achieve huge acclaims from the band’s die-hard fans, it just couldn’t match the hype created by the Fantastic Baby. The chorus was super fun and the electronic music was pretty neat. However, numerous audiences found the overall performance of the song a bit unaccomplished! The music video has also received an artsy-fartsy approbation!

5. Psy - Gentlemen

Psy is back with a new single ‘Gentleman’ featuring his signature hip-shaking dance moves and a ridiculously posh Gangnam lifestyle. ‘I’m a mother father gentleman!’ – This key line perfectly describes the outrageously humorous Psy! This song doled out as the follow-up of his highly acclaimed single - ‘Gangnam Style’. Even though it couldn’t match up to the rave created by its predecessor, it still achieved gargantuan Youtube views over 1.5 Billion! The earlier buzz of Psy allowed this K-Pop single set YouTube records for most views in the first 24 hours! Psy fans are definitely going to enjoy the tuxedos, Gangnam sunglasses, Candy Crush Saga (!), and a lot of pranks!

6. Super Junior - Mr. Simple

It’s the time again for Super Juniors! This time around, they hit the dance floor with their highly pursued synth-pop music! If this is your first time with Super Junior music videos, don’t mix it up with some menswear commercials! Just wait till the song gets rides on the rhythm. Once the calming intro was finished, ‘Mr. Simple’ will start to make the impact with its fast-paced and techno music. The dance moves are characteristically pretty good. The sound effects were plausibly interesting. According to the ‘Super Junior’, ‘There is no need to take everything seriously. The simple and easy way can be a better choice for finding oneself – like the title Mr. Simple.’

7. EXO - Monster

Welcome to the Post-Apocalyptic World, where all the members if the EXO are monsters! Well, when it comes to the visual storytelling, this particular single is anything but ordinary! From the theme to dance moves, music beats, gothic looks and attires in addition to the entire development, each and every aspect of this song is very EXO-ish and phenomenal at the same time. The adrenaline rush was quite high with this composition and so was the overwhelming dance moves. The members are being taken away and chained up till a certain someone came to the rescue. Whether you want to consider the choreography or the chorus – everything was commendable with the dark-themed music video.

8. F(X) - Electric Shock

Dance, Dance, and more Dance – this could be the first impression of the single ‘Electric Shock’ by f(x)! And what’s more, you are going to find a lot of good ol’ ‘dance in the box’ developments! The music followed the conventional electronic route with the well-accustomed f(x) pattern. Even though it might not seem to be a standout song at first, you would find the chorus getting stick to your head out of the blue! ‘Electric Shock…na nanana’. The pre-chorus segment was especially good! The entire setup was practically focused on choreography. The girls were even acting pretty cute with a lot of instruments and electrics!


Believe it or not, it’s one of those moments where the visuals completely overshadowed the song itself. Well, of course, the song is playing in the background with lots of electronics and instruments. However, the lyrics are somewhat lackluster with repetitive phrases. So, at the end of the day, despite trying to raise the music quality with more energetic, edgy, or funky vocals, the music video still remains a visual delicacy rather than an overall music experience. The music video tried pretty hard with fancy attires and styling. In addition, who can overlook the ‘always-happening’ dance in a box M/V issue!

10. Girls' Generation - The Boys

At the outset, we must tell you not get confused in the case that you can’t seem to find the chorus! Keep listening and it will gradually come to you! This time around, this group of nine tried to break away from the fetters of their well-known singles like ‘Gee’ or ‘Genie’ and getting comfortable with out-of-the-zone materials. Teddy Riley tried to symbolize the music video with birds and setups. Taken as a whole, it was one of his average jobs. As for the song itself, it did not dishearten the fans with its verses and crazy beats.

11. EXO - Overdose

From mazes, labyrinth, and riddles to a flashy dance room, the song ‘Overdose’ by EXO can give you a visual and musical overdose with its overwhelming composition and effects. The distorted sound effects of ‘Someone call the doctor’, the background instrumental, the ostentatious dance room setup, the attires, the moves or the rhythmic electronic music, the ‘Overdose’ got quite a big buildup. The chorus is really awesome with the catchy phrase. Even though the video transitions came out well-timed, they remain inconsistent and disparate with the shifting. The dance moves were pretty energetic and bang on the target, especially the chorus part! By and large, with a few slip-ups here and there, it’s a great music video by EXO.

12. EXO - Growl

How would you rate a typical S.M. Entertainment music video besides the dancing in boxes, jumpy editing or close-up shots? It sure would be pretty awesome to watch some spectacular dance moves on a completely new development! Even though the ‘Growl’ by EXO can still be considered an in-the-box video, one continuous shot taking made the cinematography and choreography quite clean and focused. The advantages of one-place, one-shot music videos were apparent in this video as the viewers could focus more on the choreography and individual appearances of the singers. In that regard, this video is pretty unique in its own aspect and has been a pleasure to the eyes.

13. Girls' Generation - Gee

It’s one of those scenarios where the viewers have to take the flight of the imagination where mannequins of a store come to life after the midnight! Then, they start singing and trying to enlighten the viewers on how they can’t confess their love to the store employee! The song is catchy with some English lyrics in the beginning that eventually followed by a chorus. The dance moves were kept clean with simple leg moves. With casual outfits, above average composition, in addition to funky dance moves, ‘Gee’ has been one of the most popular singles of Girls’ Generation.

14. Twice - TT

It’s one of those time of the year now! We are talking about the ‘Trick or Treat’ Halloween time. A boy and a girl went out on the Halloween night to get candies. However, upon knocking a particular door, they got something pretty amusing! A bunch of girls came out and started singing and dancing! Afterward, they continue the singing while taking different Halloween forms like Pirate, Witch, Ninja, Mermaid and so forth. The visual aspect of this song has been great and it greatly matched with the concept! As for the song, it has a certain appeal to it with an expression like ‘be be be baby’! They surely pulled off the cutesy image they have been aiming for the music video.

15. Hyuna - Bubble Pop

Whew! K-Pop is finally going out in the sun with this particular single ‘Bubble Pop’ by HyunA! Confused? Well, to put it candidly, most of the Korean music videos is obsessed with making in-the-room music videos while this song got out the comfort zone and shot with the roads, sky, and beach! We certainly needed time to get settled with all those continuous ooh, oh, and whew sounds! It’s more like a Taylor Swift version of a Korean song with all those Korean originalities. Best colored representation of the summer with island setting. On the whole, it was a great song with nice and beguiling expressions, awesome back dancers, and American outfits.

16. G-DRAGON - Crooked

‘A Rebellious Punk’ – that’s what G-Dragon has tried to impersonate in his single, ‘Crooked’. G-Dragon went for a dark, dirty, and punk rock theme rather than those typical happy-go-lucky dance flicks. The music video was clearly inspired by Eminem videos. The metaphoric guttural and chaotic plot with symbolic anti-hero development was exercised quite remarkably. It was a much-needed breather that brought new life to unique poignant musicals. The song is incredible in its own right with melodic synthesizers in addition to distorting and warping chorus. To put it brusquely, the music video is all about a lonely wolf raving through the city streets without a care!

17. Girls' Generation - Run Devil Run

Breaking News! Contrary to the popular premise of wooing boys or secretly confessing their love, the Girls’ Generation decided to go against the flow and make an angry song intimidating the boy who embittered them! Now, it is believed that Girls’ Generation made this song for their female fans! The music video is all about taunting the guy and showing him what he had lost! From the attires to the sexy dance moves, everything was trying to convey a particular message to the guy! Overall, amidst the all lovey-dovey and gothic themed illustrations, Girls’ Generation has pulled off this particular theme wonderfully.

18. Girls' Generation - I Got A Boy

The all-hyped song ‘I Got A Boy’ by Girl’s Generation was revolutionary in its own regards. At the outset, as opposed to the popular three and a half minute timeframe, it went above five minutes! However, the most shocking aspect of this particular song would be its simultaneously invigorating and slapdash concept of ‘Having a Boy’! The music composition is nothing new as you might find it a bit exaggerated and tedious. As for the video outline, the time got stuck with another in-the-box adventure, again! Even with the casual and boyish attires over and above the frenzied choreography, this single can be fun and flawed at the same time!

19. Twice - Cheer Up

Hey boys, You Gotta Cheer Up! As soon as the girls can make some time from their social life, they will call you! – this is supposed to be the theme of this particular single by Twice. Fans were expecting something more incredible rather than this ‘Cheer Up’ after their highly successful debut effort, ‘Like Ooh-Ahh’. The music video goes on with the random set developments and the music somehow managed to keep up with the shifts and transitions. It tried to incorporate the 80’s nonsensical yet fun concept. In general, even with an interesting visual representation, this song couldn’t live up to the expectation.

20. G-Dragon X TaeYang - Good Boy

Now, it’s quite normal for fans to expect something spectacular when two K-Pop male soloist superstars who made it to the 200 on the Billboard Chart came together for a single project, right? Hell Yeah! We are talking about G-Dragon and Taeyang. They are members of ‘Big Bang’ and this particular single was written and arranged by the G-Dragon himself! The song had touches of G-Dragon all over as the musical elements followed his beloved synth, guitar, and fusion of a number of techno pieces. It’s a club raving song through and through. The music video was a feast for the eyes with a lot of external elements like the neon hair beads, people shaving and designing hairs, white mouse, gas masks and so forth!

21. BTS - Dope

‘Dope’ has been BTS’s popular single from the album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (Part 1). With the popular choice and public demand, they decided to make a music video and the fan got something extraordinary on its arrival. Each member of the band illustrated different professions in the video like a police officer, office worker, racecar driver, or doctor. Via the video, they were trying to convey the message that they want to break away from the traditional and monotonous jobs. The ‘one place’ - ‘one take’ formula was well implemented in this video. Be that as it may, the strongest feature of this single happens to the choreography and energetic moves by BTS.

22. BTS - Like Ooh-Ahh

‘Twice’ started their K-Pop journey with ‘The Story Begins’ and featured title track of ‘Like Ooh-Ahh’. Even if it is kinda hard to relate the need of the zombies with the development of the plot, the music video turned out to be quite fun and interesting! The first thought came to our mind is the famous manga – High School of the Dead! However, it turned out to be a clubhouse with colorful and jotting walls! The humor was pretty obvious with cute images and playful character definition. Although it is packed with auto tunes, the song was catchy thanks to the dramatic instrumentals. Taken as a whole, it has been a great official release for them.

23. EXO - Call Me Baby

‘Call Me Baby’ – the leading track of their return album (EXODUS) from the all-hyped boy’s band EXO. It is a song about a man talking about his beloved and how she filled his life with light and hope! When it comes to the music video, it does not contain any particular story line as the band members come and dance randomly within a garage. The one-shot camera angle mostly focused on the choreography. In addition, the outfit choice was inspired by the 90’s fashion trend for the most part. As for the music, it was equipped with heavy beats and bass instrumentals. To wrap up, EXO performed an amazing job with this music video and got some great responses on YouTube!

24. BIGBANG - Loser

‘Even Big Stars are not free from all the uncertainties and insecurities’ – can be the theme line for this particular single from the glamorous and extremely popular boys band ‘Big Bang’. In the music video, different members happen to face their fair share of problems and deal with them in their own unique ways. Someone is filled with unhappiness and emptiness even with a blessed and privileged lifestyle. Some are trying their hardest to prove themselves and pick themselves up again. Some face deep negative emotions and fell into despair eventually. The slow tempo, muted colors, violence – everything was pretty well-matched with the video. It showed us how everyone in this world has a ‘loser’ side to them.

25. BLACKPINK - Boombayah

If you ask us to view our perspective regarding Blackpink’s Boombayah, we have got two words for you - ‘Dazzling & Captivating!’ In fact, Blackpink made their debut with this particular Boombayah song that created a huge uproar over time. Even though the music video might remind you of hit girl bands like 2ne1 or 4Minute, the choreography was pretty good with all those dandy dance moves. The cinematography was below average. However, the bumpy song managed to keep the viewer’s attention to the chorus and the step sequences. As for the music itself, the rhythm and the raps kept it alive with lots of yayas, lalalas, or oppas! As a whole, it was a much-admired performance by Blackpink on their debut.

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  • Because I’m a Kpop fan myself, I know all of these songs ^^ Thank you for sharing the list!
    I feel a little sad because none of the song from TVXQ and Wonder Girls was on the list :'( but these songs above are all great and has super high views on Youtube.

    • Thanks for the feedback! We’ll have to take look at the TVXQ and Wonder Girls videos and perhaps add them to the list also!


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