Top 8 Things to do in the Netherlands in November

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Things to do in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a gorgeous country with a ton of history and interesting activities. From magnificent museums to fun tours around the country, the Netherlands is a must while in Europe (a delicious destination!).

But to make sure you find these amazing places in the country, I’ve put together a list with the things you won’t want to miss in the windmill land.

“Why November” you might ask. Because this period is off peak season and it’s right before winter. So, perfect to travel around the country.

Curious about the top 8 things to do in the Netherlands in November? Read on!

Marken- Things to do in the Netherlands

1. Visit Marken

This fisherman’s town is an easy trip from Amsterdam, around 45 min from the Dutch capital. This village really has a countryside feeling. On the main street, you can find sweet wooden houses and some stalls selling fish (after all, this is a fisherman’s village), as well as some locals wearing traditional Dutch costumes.

If you want to experience the Dutch culture outside of Amsterdam, but don’t want to travel far for that, Marken is the perfect option for you.

2. Ride a bike in Amsterdam

There are more bikes in Amsterdam than people. Seriously. There are about 881k bikes, while around 850k people live in the city.

So, riding a bike while in the Netherlands is a must! You will feel a little like locals because they literally use their bikes to do everything: to go shopping, to go to work, to go out at night and so on.

My tips to get the most out of it: Avoid the city center because it is too busy. Instead, you can ride a bike around De Pijp neighborhood or in the Vondelpark.

Rijksmuseum-amsterdam Things to do in the Netherlands

3. Rijksmuseum

The largest and most beautiful art museum in the Netherlands is right in the heart of Amsterdam. Located at the popular Museum Square, which also hosts the Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, and Moco Museum.

The Rijksmuseum showcases the history of the Netherlands between the centuries 13 and 20. Including notables Dutch painters, such as Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt.

Besides the Dutch artifacts, there is also a small collection of Asian art worth seeing.

4. Anne Frank Museum

The famous little girl, who wrote a diary during her time hiding from the Nazis, used to live in Amsterdam. Anne Frank lived for around two years in the secret annex and only left that place when her family was betrayed.

This moving place was turned into a museum where you can learn about her story, who she really was, how those years in the house were, and her dreams. After all, Anne Frank was just a teenager when she died.

Be sure to stop by this museum and you won’t regret it.

5. Take a photo in front of the Iamsterdam Sign

The Iamsterdam Sign is probably one of the most photographed scenes of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam’s most famous symbol is right in front of the Rijksmuseum, which will give you the perfect backdrop for your picture. But arrive there early in the morning, otherwise, there will be hordes of tourists trying to do the exact same thing.

Flowers-Canal - Things to do in the Netherlands

6. Ride a Bike on the Van Gogh Path

I know I already suggested you ride a bike in Amsterdam, but this time it is different. There you’d ride a bike in a big city full of 17th-century houses, here you’ll bike on a glowing bike path in a green area.

This path was inspired by the biggest Dutch painter, Van Gogh and it has little stones that glow in the dark, reproducing parts of his painting Starry Night.

The Van Gogh Bicycle Path is just 4km away from Eindhoven city center. So no reason not to visit it, right?

It is much better to visit it in November because it gets dark earlier in the Netherlands around this time of the year.

Pssst: don’t forget your tripod and camera. It’s stunning!

Address: Eisenhowerlaan, Eindhoven

7. Swing on Europe’s Highest Swing

Lace your shoes and prepare your heart to swing 100 meters above the ground. The A’DAM Lookout Tower offers this little adventure for adrenaline junkies at the Over the Edge, the famous swing.

So, take the free ferry behind the Central Station towards Eye Filme Museum and hop on A’DAM psychedelic elevator. Be sure to have your camera ready to capture the lights show.

At the top, there is a bar/ restaurant where you can have some drinks to warm you up.

My tips to having a great time there: Don’t forget to leave unsecured items in a safe place before going in the swing. Also, this is one of the highest places in Amsterdam, so expect it to be chilly. And...enjoy the views! This is an unforgettable experience!

House-Amsterdam-Netherlands - Things to do in the Netherlands

8. Visit the Heineken Experience

The most famous Dutch beer has an interesting and fun tour of its brewery.

Heineken Experience is an interactive tour of the old Heineken brewery with lots of neat exhibits. The staff is very pleasant and knowledgeable and you get a couple of small beers to drink. The tour has much more a party feeling than really educational, what else could you want?

There is also the option to label a bottle with your name under a small fee.

Excited to visit this sweet small country already? Of course, there are way more interesting things to do in the Netherlands, but this list has the best of them, selected especially for you. Enjoy!

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8 things to do in the netherlands

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