Travel Snack Essentials – What food can you bring on international flights

by nylonpink
Travel Snack Essentials - What food can you bring on international flights 1

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Eating at the airport is so expensive! When I am traveling, I really like to pack some of my own snacks so that I never get too hungry or tired during my travels. Read on to find out my favorite flight snack and also how to save money purchasing your travel snack essentials!

I love to clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper and I always hunting for the next great deal! I love the Hopster app because it's the ultimate rebate app for a deal junkie like me. You can use it to earn rebates on your favorite items or use it to discover great deals on new products.

The app is so easy to use! After downloading the app, you can sign up with just one click using your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can also sign up with your email.

Here’s the first screen that you’ll see after you’re signed up. Choose your favorite store to get started.

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Bananas are a great grab and go snack for the airport. If I’m in a rush I’ll always grab a banana before I head out the door. On the Hopster app, there’s a 25 cent rebate for bananas. To redeem, I’ll click on the banana.

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After adding the rebate you’ll see this screen. Make sure to scroll down to read the details and instructions.

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After you’ve identified the products that you want to get rebates for, go ahead and purchase them at the store thats listed. Make sure you save your receipt! After you get home, just take a photo of the receipt and send it in via the app to get your rebate via Paypal.

My Airplane Travel Snack Essentials

I love that you can use Hopster to get deals on all kinds of products that you need in your daily life: food, personal care, appliances, household supplies, pet food and more! You can also easily give feedback about the products you purchase, which will be sent back to the product manufacturer.

Here are some of the basics that I like to pick up for a snack on the plane. These products are all available for rebates on Hopster!

Hopster Travel Snack Essentials 7.png




Granola or Cereal

Hopster Travel Snack Essentials 8.png

I would shy away from bringing drinks onto the plane to avoid having to deal with the liquid allowance. Since most flights give you complimentary drinks anyways, you don’t really have to worry about going thirsty.

Travel Snack Essentials - What food can you bring on international flights.jpg

Here is my favorite snack that I like to bring onto a flight, whether it's a quick 3 hour flight to Chicago, or an overseas long haul flight to Asia. Note that if you are on an international flight, you have to eat any fruit or meat products PRIOR to landing.


I usually like to bring a banana with me onto the flight as the ultimate snack. It’s quite filling and is packed with Potassium and more.


A Sandwich is a great snack to have aboard a plane. I like to keep the sandwich pretty simple, including a couple slices of my favorite deli meat (roast beef), tomato and cheese. I place the tomato in between the meat and the cheese so that it doesn’t get the bread too soggy. I don’t put any mayo onto my sandwich until I get into the terminal. You can usually grab mayo from one of the food stands inside. Make sure that your sandwich is wrapped up and placed in a tupperware container to avoid any trouble at TSA check-in


I like to bring a zip bag full of granola onto most flights, it's a healthy, energizing snack!

Baby Carrots

Baby carrots are fun to eat and help me break up the boredom of a long flight. Bonus points if you can score a packet of ranch sauce once you get inside the terminal!

TSA Approved Foods that you can bring on your flight

  • Cakes and Pies (could require additional screening)
  • Apples and Oranges
  • Sliced Fruit or Veggies (must be wrapped or in container)
  • Firm Cheese
  • Candy or Gum
  • Meat
  • Granola Bars
  • Pretzels
  • Brownies or Cookies
  • Pretzels or Chips
  • Pastries

Infographic of Foods that you can and cannot bring on a flight

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