The Ultimate Female Empowerment Slogans (Free Printable) and Motivational Morning Routine

by nylonpink
The Ultimate Female Empowerment Slogans (Free Printable) (1)1

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I have quite an extensive morning motivational routine that I practice whether I am at home or on the road! I call it my “hour of power” (stolen from Tony Robbins) and it's really worth it to spend this time in the morning and start the day out right! I’m all about Girl Power with a capital G! Scroll down to the bottom of this post to get a free printable of my favorite female empowerment slogans. You can cut them out and carry a different one in your wallet each day to remind yourself that you are amazing. When you feel amazing, it’s so much easier to support and champion other women.

Some of you may know that I used to be the lead singer of an all girl rock band. Rock music is definitely a male-dominated industry and we always had to fight for our rightful place in the music industry. Our mission was always to empower young women to pick up their instruments and share their passion for music. I think that we accomplished that and hopefully inspired many women along the way! The three of us girls in the band remain best friends, including Katt and Kiki who created this blog with me. We’ve always been all about girl power and never doubted for a second that we could do whatever the boys could do!

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DOVE chocolate also cares deeply about women’s empowerment and community. I'm so excited about the new CARE partnership with DOVE chocolate to help support women cocoa producers from the Ivory Coast. The Ivory Coast is is well known for their cocoa production and is located in Western Africa. As part of this project, they will be building Village Savings and Loan Associations to allow outside investment to fund female cocoa farmers so that they can provide for their families and help create flourishing communities.

CARE Vision works hard to make sure that women have access to funding and opportunities. Economic resources are also provided so that women can become the decision makers in their households and communities.

By the way, have you tried DOVE Chocolate?! It’s a first-rate chocolate brand with a silken texture that is rich and aromatic. It’s created by Mars Wrigley Confectionery and the brand is passionate about creating a delicious product which is sustainable and supports the women farmers who produce the product. Yay for DOVE!

With DOVE Chocolate PROMISES 3 Flavor Assortment, you can try all three of their most popular dark chocolate flavors at once! It’s a large canister and should last you quite awhile. I love to place mine on my desk at work so anyone who passes by can enjoy a sweet treat and read an inspiration message. Also I love the updated packaging, so you can see all the different flavors and color packaging of the chocolates inside.

The three flavors are:

  • Dark Chocolate: This tastes richly of fine cocoa and is deliciously creamy and smooth
  • Sea Salt Caramel & Dark Chocolate: Featuring that same DOVE chocolate classic dark chocolate with the pairing of their iconic Sea Salt Caramel
  • White & Dark Chocolate Swirl: I’m a white chocolate fanatic so this is my favorite! I love the contrast of the delicate white chocolate with the powerful dark chocolate.

Best of all is the inspirational message inside, it’s like a fortune cookie! I love the note on this wrapper “Pack your rose colored glasses”

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I’m obsessed with Sam’s Club (especially their delicious samples and yummy hot pretzels) and I picked up my DOVE chocolate there. At the El Monte Sam’s Club, it’s located right in front of the candy section.

Dove's Chocolate Sam's Club 1.png

Find the nearest Sam’s Club using the Store Locator

If you want to purchase the chocolates online I have a special deal for you. Sign up for the rebate app Ibotta and you’ll get $1.50 back when purchasing the DOVE Chocolate PROMISES  3 Flavor Assortment canister in the 31 oz size.

The Ultimate Motivational Morning Routine

After I brush my teeth and take a shower, I get started on my every day morning routine. (Although I do take my weekends off) My morning routine consists of 5 parts.

  1. Journaling

I have a three ring notebook that I use for journaling every morning. Usually I wake up with tons of swirling thoughts in my head. I’ll put these thoughts on paper, scribbling out 3 pages every morning. These three pages are not well thought out or articulate, I am literally just writing anything that comes to mind, putting the ‘junk’ in my head onto paper. This is helpful because once I take it ‘out of my head’ and put it on paper, I can have a clearer head to make better decisions throughout the day.

If I am dealing with a specific issue that day, I might focus the writing on that topic to see if I can find a solution right then and there! Journaling usually takes about 15 minutes.

2. Meditation

I try to start every day with a meditation. How long the meditation is depends on my schedule, but the ideal meditation that I would like to do every morning is 20 minutes. If that sounds daunting, don’t worry, even a quick 3 minute meditation will do the trick! There is no right or wrong way to meditate, currently I am using a guided meditation. There are tons of meditation apps, recordings and books for you to choose from. Meditation helps to continue to clear my head and it makes me present in my body.

3. Action Buddy

I have a friend who my action buddy and she’s on the same motivational path as I am! I call her once a day at 9 am every morning. We share about what we both working on that day, offer each other feedback and watch each other’s progress. It’s so helpful to have someone supportive along for your journey and it's also so great to help support another woman in their journey also! The call every morning takes no more than 10 minutes.

4. Schedule My Day

After I speak to my action buddy, I open up my online calendar and schedule my day. If I don’t have my day scheduled, I find that I easily get off track and don’t get as much accomplished. This takes just 5 minutes in the morning and makes a huge difference!

5. Write a Gratitude List

Lastly I spend a couple of minutes writing down a gratitude list. Usually a list of about 5 things that I am grateful for. This helps me appreciate what I already have in my life. When you focus on the positive, you attract more of it into your life!

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