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Have people been mistaking you for a lot older than you are? Or worse, are they not surprised anymore when you tell them your true age? It happens. The older we get the weaker our facial skin gets; we get wrinkles, crow’s feet, and all kinds of bad things happening to our bodies. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! There are things you can do to fool them once again into thinking you’re like 20 years younger than you actually are—or at least 10.

How do you reverse time and recapture your youthful glow? Well, there are all kinds of face creams and cleansers that purport to snap your skin back into shape, revealing a new younger you. But we found that creams can only do so much. What you really need is a good face massager machine and cream to truly rejuvenate your sagging facial skin.

Face massagers aren’t only soothing, they actually help work skin creams into your pores better than just rubbing it in by hand. And not any old massager will do the trick. That’s why we went looking for the very best face massager machine and creams out there and here’s what we found:


Topping our list for best overall face massager machine is the Sonic Face Cleanser and Massage Skin Care Brush from the Clean Machine. It’s waterproof so you can use it in the shower or tub and it’s portable so you can pack it with you wherever you go whenever you need a relaxing face massage.

There are 15 different pulse settings for you to choose, from gentle scrub all the way to deep pulsating scrub to rid your face of every bit of dirt and oil lurking beneath the surface. It comes with a USB charger port – no base necessary – which holds its charge for an hour and a half. In other words, you can spend five to ten minutes massaging your face every morning in the shower for weeks without losing power.

For our money, we know that you’ll love this face massager machine. It doesn’t just massage your skin, it deep cleanses. The silicone bristles are bacteria resistant and never need to be replaced; you can simply wash them out in the sink using soap. You won’t be disappointed and if you are, the people at Clean Machine guarantee a total refund – you can’t lose!

Talk about deep cleaning. The Electric Facial Brush by Glamfields is a 3-in-1 face cleanser and exfoliator. It scrubs, exfoliates, and cleanses deep below the surface for maximum results. It comes with three different brush heads depending on how intense you want your face massage to be.

It runs on electric and yet is completely waterproof so you can leave it in the shower and enjoy a professional grade face massage every morning. It has a USB port recharger so that it’s portable and requires no base or cords. You can use this beauty for 4 hours straight after only 2 hours of charge.

We picked this fancy face massager machine because of its portability. It’s perfect for executives on the go and world travelers. It’s designed for maximum comfort in the hand and its pulsating heads easily remove dirt, grease, and makeup.

The Best Ultrasonic Face Massager

For the best ultrasonic face massager, it’s a toss-up between the SOLO Mio and the Ultrasonic Electric Ion Rechargeable Face Massager from V-Best. This vibrating massager switches back and forth from hot to cold for maximum skin firming. It goes as low as 6 degrees all the way up to 36 degrees.

This is by far one of the fanciest face massager machines we found, including its LCD display showing whether it is blue for cold or red for hot. The temperature swing combined with the ion vibration shrinks pores and infuses moisture.

After you’ve used the V-Best Ultrasonic Face Massager in the shower, switch the setting to hot and use it to massage your night time skin moisturizer into your face for maximum absorption. For versatility and unique design, we love the V-Best Face Massager. 

SOLO Mio - Sonic Face Cleanser and Massager Brush

If power is what you want, we found the best ultrasonic face massager for your money - the SOLO Mio Sonic Face Cleanser and Massager Brush. Made with thousands of tiny silicone "fingers," the massager brush is made to exfoliate and massage all at once.

Not only does it deep cleanse your face of dirt, grease, oil, and makeup, the circular sonic pulses work to improve the elasticity in your skin and restore its youthful firmness. By the time you're finished massaging, your pores will be so clean they actually shrink back to normal size and after repeated use, the company swears wrinkles start to vanish.

Instead of paying for a professional facial massage, you can give one to yourself every day for instant results. Plus this waterproof and portable face massager machine holds a charge longer than all of the others - a month or more without ever needing to recharge it. 

Best Face Massage Roller

When it comes to the best face massage roller, we pick the HaloVa 3D Roller Face Massager. Although it's a manual roller, it is designed to rotate on contact in a way that lifts the skin and firms it for a soothing and effective face massage. More importantly, it firms more than just your face.
Wherever you have sagging, drooping skin, the 3D Roller Face Massager is made to firm and tighten skin by relieving pressure using its original kneading technology. If you're prone to tension headaches or have noticing flabby skin around your neck and eyes, this roller alleviates tension, and claims to slim the skin around your face.
Totally eco-friendly, this is the perfect face roller if you have sensitive skin. Once you've used it for 90 days, if you are not happy with the results, you can get a full refund - guaranteed! 

Do you suffer from migraines? Do you wake up with dark circles under your red puffy eyes? If that's the case, we have the perfect solution for you! The Ice Roller by Esarora is designed to reduce face and eye puffiness, alleviate migraine pain, and gently massage painful sunburns on your face.
Cool to the touch, the Ice Roller is designed to calm the skin after painful sunburn and or to shrink pores. It works as a massager too with other skin care products to aid with absorption and to eliminate dry skin.
Run the Ice Roller over your eyes to reduce puffiness and wake yourself up in the mornings. If you are suffering from hot flashes, this tool gives immediate relief if you run it along the back of your neck and across your face. Simple, no fuss, but highly effective at more than just facial massages. Choose this face roller for aches and pains along with skin firming and wrinkle prevention. 

Best Face Massage Cream

Now that you've decided on the best face massager machine, you'll need a good face massage cream to go with it. We picked Queen Helene's Almond Professional Massage Cream for best overall. It has a light aromatic scent that helps you to relax as you gently massage the cream into your face.
After a deep face massage that removes all of the oils from your face, you'll want to replenish your skin with healthy, nourishing moisture. Infused with natural oil blends and scented with almonds, this massage cream does just that, replacing bad oils with enriching Vitamin A.
You can use Queen Helene Massage Cream all over your body, wherever you have dry skin. That's perfect for our recommended full body face rollers. Don't hold back - slather your roller or massager with massage cream applying it to your face, neck, and all over your body! 

The Best Massage Cream for Oily Skin

Say you have super oily skin. The last thing you want to do is add oil or moisturizing cream to your face. No worries - we found the best face massage cream for oily skin! We recommend using Wheat Germ Face Massage Cream from Jovees to moisturize without leaving skin filmy and oily.

The last thing you want to do after deep cleaning and exfoliating is to clog your pores up with an oily cream. Jovees' Wheat Germ Face Massage Cream is made with delicate herbs and vitamin E to add radiance and glow without the grease.

Using this face massage cream works in tandem with your face massager to help improve elasticity in the face and increase firmness. After one use, you will see a noticeable difference in the way your skin looks and feels - especially if you are using a face massager or roller to apply it instead of just rubbing it in with your hands. 

The Best Massage Cream for Dry Skin

Maple Holistics - Pure Sweet Almond Oil

For super dry skin, maybe a cream is too light. You'll want to use a strong oil to replenish your skin cells after a deep cleansing. Our top pick for best oil for face massage is Pure Sweet Almond Oil by Maple Holistics. Jam packed with all of the good things for your skin, this product does it all.

The sweet smelling almond oil acts as both a conditioner and aromatherapy oil. It aims to reverse the signs of aging with antioxidant vitamin E while restoring your youthful glow using pure almond oil. It works as a facial cleanser, hair moisturizer, wrinkle reducer, itch reliever, and scar remover all in one!

Because of its multiple uses, we think you'll find Sweet Almond Oil to be the best oil based face moisturizer on the market. Whether you suffer from split ends and frizzy hair, want to get rid of dark bags under your eyes, or want a good oil for a full body massage, this is your cure all.

                  Best Oil for a Face Massage

Natural oils have been used for millennia across cultures for their natural healing abilities. Viva Naturals Organic Jojoba Oil is no different. Made from 100% pure cold-pressed oils, this is one of our two best oils for face massages yet it does so many other things!

For your face, jojoba is as close to natural skin oil as you're going to get. Once you've removed dirt and trapped grease from your face, jojoba restores the feel of natural healthy oils to your face and works for all skin types from oily to dry.

Full of the best nutrients including vitamin A, B, E, plus iodine, and essential fatty acids, Organic Jojoba Oil is made for all over use from your hair and scalp to the soles of your feet. Suffering from itchy scalp or peeling sunburn skin? It's an itch reliever. Frizzy, dry hair? It's a moisturizer and hair growth stimulator!

How to Use Your Face Massager Machine and Creams

Is this your first time using a face massager machine and creams? Here’s a quick how-to to get you started:

  • Electronic face massagers do most of the work for you. Simply dab it with cream, soap, or oil and let the machine do the work.
  • With rollers, you’ll want to use soft gentle strokes and work your way up in intensity, adding pressure as you go.
  • For tension relief, you’ll want to use heavier strokes up and down.
  • For facial massages and scrubs, you’ll want to use a gentler circular motion.

What’s so great about facial massagers? First, facial massages are known to increase blood circulation in the face which helps release collagen. You’ve heard of collagen – the stuff used for face lifts? It can be produced naturally through facial massages, which in turn reverses signs of aging like wrinkles, lines, and sagging, dull skin.

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