The Ultimate List of the 66 Top Asian Beauty Bloggers on Youtube in the World!

by nylonpink

It seems like as time goes on the pool of social media infuencers continues to grow. And while we have our staple and more recognizable influencers like Tyler Oakley, Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, Jenna Marbles, Lele Pons and more, I think we should take the time to celebrate the online personalities that reflect the diversity that is necessary to balance out the equation. Specifically our East Asian and Asian American influencers that have readily dominated the landscape since the beginning, but for some reason don’t receive as much press or attention. From the OG Michelle Phan to other style mavens like Pony Makeup from Korea, these lovely guys and gals continue to bless our feed with their makeup looks, style and personalities that shine through each and every carefully curated post. Take note and follow their accounts to receive your daily requirement of slayage!

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Amato Chittasenee |Ana Victorino |Archita Station |ArikaSato |Calgary Girl |Chriselle Lim |Christina Suh |Claire Marshall |Daddoa |Dayeong |Edward Avila |Edward Zo |Elessa Jade |Ellen V Lora |Fei |Francis Lola |Janie |Jenn Im |Jenn |Jenn Chae |Joan Kim |Joyce Bean |Junie |Karen Yeung |Kelly |Kim Dao |Kim Thai |La Muque |Lena |Liah Yoo |Lisa Phan |Marcella |Maryam Maquillage |Mei |Michelle Phan |Mizu |Molita Lin |Morgan |Nanda Arsyinta |Nikita Dragun |Noe Mae Villagonzalo |Pang |Pony|Promise Phan |Promise Tamang |Rachel Nguyen |Risa Bae |Roseanne Tang |Sarah Cheung |Sarang |Shebby Liquete |Sichen |So Young |Sohee |Sophia Chang |SSIN |Stephanie Villa |Sunny Dahye |Sunny |Tina Yong |Titan |Vivian Vo Farmer |Vivii |Wengie |



Name: Michelle Phan



# of Youtube Followers: 8.8 million

No list of Asian beauty vloggers would be complete without the OG herself, Michelle Phan, who paved the way as one of the first major makeup vloggers to translate her rabid social following into a genuine and successful brand. Her Youtube channel has over 8 million subscribers and over 1 BILLION lifetimes views. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Michelle is so gangster she got her start on Xanga in 2005, if you’re an older millennial then you knew Xanga way before you knew Myspace, Facebook, Instragram or Snapchat. From there she made the transition to Youtube with her makeup tutorials and her signature voiceovers which exuded positivity along with timeless makeup tips. From there Michelle’s popularity skyrocketed where she formed some of the first beauty blogger brand partnerships and her success continues to soar. Those looking to follow in her footsteps take note of Michelle and how it should be done.

Arika Sato is a fashion, health and beauty blogger who debuted on Paris Hilton's "My New BFF" reality show. The television personality became quite popular via her widely known YouTube channel with over 180k subscribers and her numerous TV appearances. Born to first generation Issei parents, Arika speaks both fluent Japanee and English. Arika posts about fashion, cooking and her daily glam life to give her fans the best. She's known to share outfit tips on comfortable streetwear which she favors. Her Facebook page boasts likes of over 2 million and she has an Instagram following of about 610,000 and growing.

Christina Pang is a beauty guru on Youtube with 152,336 subscribers and over 9 million views. She’s a little bit mysterious as she doesn’t have an Instagram page that I could find, which in this day and age is extremely rare but yet respectable. I can barely go 5 minutes out of my day without scrolling through my latest Instagram updates. One of Christina’s most popular videos is her perfect eyebrow tutorial which received over 4 million views. She’s also well known for her cut crease tutorials. Seriously her cut creases could cut glass, they’re so sharp.

Joyce Bean is a beauty vlogger from San Diego, California. Joyce has over 37,000 followers on Instagram and over 99,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel with well over 3 million views. As a young entrepreneur Joyce is also the founder of her own clothing company called Wild Daisy. Joyce founded the company when she was only 13 years old, which is so cool! She started off by making her own custom phone cases, after that she created her own Etsy shop, from there she conceived the idea for her clothing company after her family moved to San Diego, California. Wild Daisy is now a successfully running company. Follow Daisy for more beauty updates and her clothing company!

Pony Makeup

Name: Pony 포니

Website: N/A


# of Youtube followers: 2.5 Million

Pony Makeup is a beauty vlogger based out of South Korea, and is arguably considered one of the Korea’s most popular and influential beauty gurus. Pony boasts over 3.6 million Youtube subscribers with over 100 million views. Pony, whose real name is Hye Min-Park, has been a Korean beauty staple for years and her most viral video is her transformation into another famous face, Kylie Jenner. You may also recognize Pony as Kpop artist CL’s makeup artist. She is also a former graphic designer, which makes her transition into makeup a natural progression applying her artistic skills to the canvas of the face. She’s also an accomplished author having released four books on on beauty. All of this make Pony a threat in all areas of creativity!

Calgary Girl

Name: Calgary Girl

Website: N/A


# of Youtube followers: 899K

What can I say about this Korean Youtuber. No really, what can I say. It’s getting difficult to write about them because I can’t read or speak Korean so I have no idea what’s going on. But that’s never stopped me before. I just have to use my powers of deduction to translate what I think is going on in their pages. Beyond that, Calgary girl is beautiful and I wish she had an Instagram account. She has close to 900,000 subscribers with over 146 million views which is amahzzzingggg. Be sure to subscribe to her and watch her videos, like her full face using only H&M cosmetics to see how it turned out!

Lena is a South Korean Youtuber and beauty influencer. She currently has 108,000 followers on Instagram. On Youtube she has over 619,000 subscribers with over 47.7 million views on her channel. Her most popular video received over 3.9 million views and was about cutting her long hair to short hair. She posts a lot of amazing tutorials including getting the perfect grey hair color and a makeup tutorial to give off the appearance of bigger eyes, something we all try to achieve with makeup, tape or eye enlarging circle lenses. Basically her channel is super lit.

Sunny Dahye is a Korean lifestyle vlogger who dishes on everything from makeup, to her daily life, and even openly sharing her experiences with plastic surgery. Chronicling herself in a series of videos going through the plastic surgery process with her over 377,000 subscribers, Sunny gives an inside peek into the experience that most other Youtubers would shy away from. In addition to being a lifestyle vlogger, Sunny is also an MC and VJ for popular South Korean programs SBS IN K-POP SHOW and Star News, making her a well known and popular influencer. Sunny is also 100% fluent in three languages incuding Korean, Indonesian and English.

Liah Yoo is a South Korean content creator, avid traveler, and K-beauty expert. Liah formerly worked at the headquarters for a major beauty brand who then left her job to pursue life as a beauty influencer. On Liah’s official website, it talks about her focus on Korean beauty and has earned recognition from the industry as a beauty expert. With her deep understanding of beauty and skincare coupled with her down to earth persona and approachable demeanor make her a well loved beauty guru. Liah has over 255,000 subscribers on her Youtube with over 13 million views. She also has 48,600 followers on Instagram.